Ok...First confession

There is an intern in my office that sucks my c*** at least 4 times a week. I'm married and feel guilty, but I can't bring myself to stop her.

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  • I'm less disturbed by that you allow the woman to suck your c*** off...than by how you haven't mentioned you EAT HER OUT to reciprocate the pleasure. Cheating on your wife AND you take more than you give from your lover? That makes you twice the douchebag !

  • Perhaps I should have gone into more detail. I have met her after work and f***** her silly over a dozen times...so it's not all one way. She just gets off on the "being under my desk in a busy office setting" thing. So I guess that makes me a SINGULAR douchebag.

  • Ok...First observation

    If you can't stop her (seriously, what is she doing? RAPING you?), then how 'bout stopping yourself?

  • i WAS ONCE More moral and being a wife i should say stop it. just do not get caught. i worked with men engineers and the only female. i found out later even more wanted to bang me. a few thing they are the only guy i did. had 8 men there in 10 yrs. was married too. every one knew my husband left me alone to go gamble. i can tell all the place in that big bldg we did it off site my home theirs. enjoy.

  • You are in desperate need of learning how to compose a sentence!!!
    But I think you are too busy cheating on your husband!

  • What I'm about to say has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter of this topic, but it just simply has to be said:

    This is the best comment I've ever read on this site! Congratulations, and well done!!!

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