Having S** For Money

I'm 20 going 21 still living with mom and hate it! I try my best to find a job. I fill out job applications & still don't get a call for a interview. If I do get call for an interview, I still don't get the job! I'm tired of hearing my mom complain like I'm not even trying! I would love to have my own place & be independent. I pray about it & everything. Still no luck. I got to the point where I'm thinking about having s** for money. I never felt this low & helpless. My boyfriend been to prison & still get multiple jobs b4 me. I have a diploma & trying to go bk to school but still have college credits & still no luck. Having s** for Money is the only thing that sounds good righ now.

Apr 8, 2012

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  • Thanx for the help. I really don't have it in me to do that. I'm just not that kinda person & I can't make myself do such a thing. Going to jail & having a record would make it worse getting a job. I didn't bother to think of that. Thank you guys sooooooo much!

  • How much would you charge?

  • Don't be upset about living with your mum. Now more then ever this is happening. Because of the population increase and the lack of jobs and worsening world economy.

    It is far, far more hard no than in your mothers time to become financially stable.

    Best thing you can do is research successful cv's and always provide a covering letter. Ask friends for positions at work, post your interest for work on facebook, tell everyone you meet your keen to work. Be patient. Do charity if need be it can give you recent exp and be a gateway to work.

    Good luck!

    PS praying doesn't pay the bill. Working does.

  • And by the way . . . . .

    . . . . . get rid of the ex-con boyfriend. I can't imagine that's helping things.

  • If you think it's hard finding a job now, imagine how hard it will be to find a job with one or more prostitution arrests (and convictions) on your record. There are jobs everywhere, though you may have to first adjust your expectations on salary, hours and the nature of the work. The important thing is to get in the workforce (and get on a payroll) and show the world that you're not only a dependable worker, but a good one. Once you have a job, even if it's a bad one, it'll be a lot easier to get another one.

  • Do you enjoy sucking, and f****** strange c***? If not, better find another type of job.

  • Honey go to canada it is not fully legally there. no pimps allowed. court just rule a few weeks ago. there are brothel legal, in Nevada. i slept with men who later paid me. never asked for it. one guy i dated did not know he was a drug dealer would buy amazing things but he would aslo send his buddies to me to f*** me ala cash.

  • Don't make your life worse. It's a terrible choice. Don't make it, seriously. It's dangerous and it's full of terrible terrible consequences. You said you prayed about it, then you must have some hope in God. Now, just trust God, he will get you through. If you trust him then you'll be able to get through all this stuff in your life without making bad choices that will make things worse. Forgive your mother and forgive everyone who has done wrong to you. Do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. Hatred is a poison that you drink, wishing the other person dies. Don't let these things get you down. God is bigger than your circumstances. I hope you come to realize that. Even if you don't, still don't make that decision, it will destroy your life.

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