I was raped....

When I was 4 my stepbrother started to get interested in s**... He started to touch me in places that I didn't know were bad.... Now I am 14 and he has moved into the ARMY and hasn't done it for about two years. He still to this day won't acknowledge me about it and I am still scared he might do it again someday. Only a handful of people know and are trying to help. I didn't know what to do so I decided to put it on he just to feel like I have told someone... Is there any advice??

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  • Well if you didn't know it was bad where he touched you until someone put that thought in your head, then it's clear to see that you have been conditioned by someone else's beliefs therefore this means that you probably have been programed to believe the worst about what happened to you, not knowing your stepbrothers age I can only speculate that he was close in age to you and if this is true then I would believe that he was at an age when children naturally become curious about sexuality and explore each others privates and in this there is nothing wrong, it is all a part of human sexuality especially if you went along with it and enjoyed it before you found out that it was a bad thing to do(which it isn't bad) however if he was touching you against your will before you found out that it was bad then that wouldn't be right of him to be doing and you have a valid reason to feel the way you do, I say this only because in most cases children don't think of sexual acts as being bad, disgusting, perverted or wrong until an adult or a therapist tells them that it was wrong and that they are victims of the most horrible crime on earth and this can really warp a child's image of themselves as well as the natural acts of sexuality... if he won't acknowledge what he did to you then you need to confront him about it yourself this will help in your healing process, he maybe feeling ashamed and embarrassed himself about what he remembers doing to you and think that avoiding the subject will make it go away someday, but it won't because you can't move on until you get some answers. I hope that you find the help that you need to overcome this problem you face.

  • you need to tell someone in authority, your parents or guardian, as well as the police. that is not acceptable behavior.

  • You really need to be brave and STOP him from doing this to you or OTHERS! Be strong for the girl that you STOP him from RAPING! Find courage and tell the proper authorities in confidence. Call and ask them how to set up a private meeting. They WILL be VERY helpful and DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!! PLEASE I beg of you STOP his destruction!

  • Tell the authorities and live in peace.

  • I pray to god that he gives u the will n strenght to overcome this. I am sorry sweetheart for what he did to you. May god protect you.

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