I'm a stupid w**** and disgusted with myself.

I'm just a stupid w**** anymore. I really hate myself and am honestly insecrue. So I have slept with alot of guys that I don't even care about in the past few months.

I was lucky enough to settle down termporarily and try to fix other issues I have. During that time, I met my current boyfriend and fell inlove with him. But I am so impulsive, that I've cheated on him four times within the four months we've been dating.

After one week of dating him, I gave a guy head at a party. Then a few weeks later, I made out with another guy. Things got really bad, and I slept with another guy one months later, confessing to my boyfriend immediatley afterwards.

He forgave me for whatever reason. We both have alot of issues though, and I was trying to break up with him Saturday night. I got extremely drunk and slept with someone else- which is no excuse. I broke up with my boyfriend (the next morning), but he got down on his knees and was begging for me to take him back. I did, because I still do feel I love him. But I have not told him about the other night, and donnot think I will, because he has become so fragile; do to MY stupidity.

I am rotten. I am disgusting. I cringe when I think of the guys I've slept with- everyone aside from my boyfriend. I have a horrible problem with attention- whenever I'm around a guy who does so much as holds me, I just get infatuated with the fact that someone is giving me attention (this is, ofcourse, when my boyfriend is not around). So I make really dumb decisions.

I am worthless. A waste of space. I have broken my boyfriends heart, yet he still loves me and claims that desperately needs me, that he would kill himself without me. I feel like I cannot take this f****** life I've burried myself in. Because I'm just a stupid w****. I hate myself.

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  • You are a s***. A s*** is someone who can't help but f*** every guys she comes in contact with. Poor kid why didn't u just shot him in the head. Don't listen to these older s**** who say it's ok ur probably gonna spread disease Nasty b****

  • Maybe you are just not monogamous. Not everyone is...

  • You are not a w****, sweetie. It sounds like what you crave is attention and approval, and somehow you never feel it is enough. The void you are trying to fill is probably a lack of love for yourself. Your boyfriend may have this issue too, if he feels suicidal and fragile like that. Please stop beating yourself up. You have pain and problems to work through, but you are more than the sum of your experiences. Please forgive yourself. You are loveable. You can beat this. I know you are not stupid, and you are not a w****.

  • Do you have low self-esteem or something? Listen, how can you love someone and cheat on them because you can't help it? Hmm... I think you have problems of self-control. Stop doing that, it's not fair that you're using someone like that. Stop getting drunk, deal with your issues first! And if you love your boyfriend live your life with him and dedicate your body o him not to other guys too! Geez. Don't think of yourself as a w****, think of yourself as a human with issues. But stop doing whorish things too. I'm supporting you, good luck!

  • Some girls sleep around for various reasons but a common one is low self esteem, only you can look within yourself and find out why. Most women hit the age when they want to hold on to a good man and possibly start a family, if you dont sort this out you may never experience a healthy relationship.

  • You must be sorta hot if all these guys are ready to jump your bones. You have that going for you.

  • You need to find peace within yourself and learn to love yourself first before you can truely love someone else. They are your feelings and actions so you have control you just choose not to exercise it. Find strength in a higher power.

  • If you're looking for sympathy, you won't find it here. It's between s*** and syphillis in the dictionary. He deserves better than you.


  • Theres one at every party and two at every bar. I hate sharing a gender with these types.

  • You are entirely correct. I wasn't casting dispersions at the gender, just the individual.


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