Husband and bestfriend

I dated my bezt friend back when i was 15...i was in love with forward 13 years i am married to someone else..and theirs not a day i dont think about her...shes also married..but when we do see each other we both want to do things to each other that we cant do anymore...the only problem is that we both got married to different people because we knew our relationship would had never been accepted to our families being that we are both females...

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  • When I married my husband, I made it perfectly clear to him that he would never be the only lover I would have in my life. I told him that I was bringing a relationship with another female into our marriage, and that he would NEVER (1) know who she was, (2) become a witness to or participant in any of our sexual relations, (3) stand in the way of my being with her, or (4) be allowed to use my relationship with her as an excuse for him to stray. We've been married for nine years, and so far it's worked exactly like I told him it had to. I spend nights out with my love, we go on vacations together, and though he suspects who she is, I spend time with lots of other women, so he has no way of knowing which specific one she is. Don't let family pressure or husbands stand in your way: you're entitled to be together and you should be together, and not as an occasional side-thing, but as a primary sexual relationship. If you love her, be with her. Period.

  • youve already wasted 13 yrs. dont waste another day,,

  • assumming that the husbands arent down with this relationship (which i think it would be stupid of them to object) then just get together whenever you can and be the kind of lovers you want to be to each other. i know from my own life that this kind of love is a beautiful thing and the fact that you go to such lengths to get it just makes it all that much more beautiful. make love.

  • No problem here. Just find things to do together that don't involve your spouses. Then get a room somewhere and have your fun with each other. No one needs to know about it...

  • I totally totally totally agree with this advice, and this is exactly what the two of you should do. And not just once, but regularly. Frequently. And don't ever stop. You aren't breaking your marriage vows, because you're not giving each other what you give your spouses: the two situations are completely different. Go get that girl and don't ever let her go!!!

  • WANT A F***

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