Dressing Room S**

My wife is a very pretty 20 year old blonde with great ass and legs and very shy. I've had a fantasy of seeing her f*** another guy, but, she said she could never do it even though the idea makes her hot.

Lat night at a store in the mall, my fantasy came true.

She was trying on clothes when the manager told us to tke our time. She kept me running back and forth bringing her different skirts to try on and I told the manager next time for him to just walk into the dressing room with her next skirt.

I told him that she wanted to f*** him.

She asked again and this time instead of me, he went in and i could see their legs under the half-door.

She did not protest and I watched her panties drop to her ankles and could tell by her feet that he was behind her and she moaned and I knew she was getting a d*** pushed into her p****.

A few minutes later he said he was gonna c** and I could see her turn around, go to her knees and I knew she was sucking him off. He said he was c****** and she didn't stop.

I walked in and f***** her from the back while he exploded in her mouth and she took every drop. I came like I'd never cummed before.

We ewill do this again and she agrees.

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  • Dude... I think your wife's posting on this site too.. I'm sure I just read the same story a few minutes ago from her side.

    Maybe you and the wife need to be a bit more open with each other about your desires.

  • i would kill someone if i saw this situation with my wife, but before killing i would cut off his b****

  • No way, dude!
    That's hot as h*** to think of something like that! I wish my wife wasn't so uptight and I'd share her as much as I could! ;)

  • That is honorable

  • I agree with you.

  • I have the same type of fantasy. I would love to watch my wife suck and f*** a big black c***.

  • I did watch my wife f*** a big black c***!
    and watched him fill her up with his c**
    Then I went down on her and sucked it all out!!!!

  • Totally awesome. My c*** is so hard right now


  • would like you to f*** me too.

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