My boyfriend sucks at s**.

I am 16 years old name is April and my bf turned 18 his name is Seth last week. we've been dating for at least 3 and a half years. and just starting a few months ago we started well not s** but doing little tiny parts of s** each day.we did this because well i am still a virgin and only he knows that . and im way totally scared of his d*** its big :( i saw alot. i sucked it a few times . but after we did steps i noticed that when ever he fingered me i didnt really feel anything and not a moan or a scream came out . so i started faking like i was hurting. i also noticed he cant even make me have a o***** but yet i can make myself have one. i do NOT m********* but i looked up how would i know if i had a o***** and from what the other people said an the internet i didnt have anything close to one. i also noticed the only thing hes good at is eating out my p****. so a couple of weeks after i was faking it he asked " are you ready now?" i answered " yes!!!" hoping it would be better then the steps . and turns out it was horrible!.and again i faked the screaming an moanin. the only time i didnt was when he was sticking his big ass d*** in my c*** and eating my c*** out. i lost my virginty for that!?!? is wht i think sometimes but i love him so i guess that was all that matters. ever since then hes been wanting to do it again an again because he thought he really made me scream that loud an made me sore. i feel so terrible that i faked the screaming and moanin but if i told him he was a bad f***** he would be even more p*****! we have had it 7 times after the first. and i am sorry its just hard to tell him hes so sweet he acts so tough sometimes cuz hes a jock but im pretty sure he would cry if he knew. should i tell him ? or keep faking . i feel like im lying to my soul mate D:


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  • You could always try to have some rough or BDSM-ish s**, if he's into the kink of making you "sore"? That might spice it up for you.

  • If you only like it when he gives you head. Then you might need to see if your more attracted to the same s**. Just talk to him honesty is key especially if you guyz are sleeping together simply because what if he was lying to you and he didn't like it. Just talk k.

  • be b***** honest that's all men can ask for and if he can't make you o***** he's not your soulmate sorry to say

  • True dat! Come on if and when you actually try to have kids in the future and you try to have mind-blowing s**. It will take you by surprise and not feel as good as it's supposed to feel.

  • You need to learn and explore your own sexuality. Where to tough. How to touch etc. How you reach o***** through your own touch. Only then can you tell his how to please you. Most men want to please their lover.

    Your o***** is your responsibility, not his.

    Stop faking it. If you are having s** with him, be mature enough to discuss the problem. Make it learning experience for both of you. Take your time. Learn what feels good and what does not.

  • Your a were "virgin" how can you say he sucks? you had better? thought not, now to the faking part, if you keep faking he is just going to think he is doing the job well, be slow and gently guide him to where its feels good for you, better yet, why don't you hope on top!! take control, also big? size never matters the G spot is about 2-3 inches into your v*****, guys with big ones are normal crap f**** anyways, they think they rock it out with their big one haha.

    they way you talk, i am shocked you havent been around the block anyways

  • yes i still am i virgin i mean.. from what my friends have said about their experiences i dont think that it was the same when i did it with him..

  • move on

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