I like to stick my p**** in pencil sharpeners

Dear lord, i love stickin my stick in those sharpeners, you know the ones that rotate fast and cut my p****, i love the blood it makes me h**** and want shoot somebody. For christmas i want my very own pencil sharpener.
p.s im a redneck
p.p.s I cut my self to smother my d*** in blood and pretend im iron man



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  • Self harming to seek attention ?

  • There is no other reason for self harm. NONE. There are ways to deal with pain that don't leave evidence, but self harmers can't hear that. Not when there's attention to be had!

  • Also? Bullshit post. Once again, "Confession" Post has been made into "Fantasies and Attention-Seeking" Post. If there even are any mods here, they're even less competent than the panty fetishists and belly lovers and MGTOWs.

  • you need help boy, i feel sorry for whoever has to have intercourse with you in the future, they'll be in for a nasty surprise!

  • damn it's that small??

  • This sounds kinda fun...

  • This is not a religious confession r*****. Take that s*** to the strange or s** category.

  • But it has GOD mentioned in it. Why are you stopping a young man from following his dreams in life? GOD can also be involved in human sexuality. You silly Christians don't get it, though.

  • not only christians u d******!
    who's to say that person even is a christian? ?(though they seem better then u in any case.
    People like u dont deserve to be given any consideration, to actually state what you did about god already tells me that not only are you so predujised but you are also a heartless monster with no hope of being rescued.

  • Is your p**** seriously that tiny that it fits in a pencil sharpener ? Or are u just full of s*** ? I vote number two ...

  • *awkward silence*


  • What is wrong with you?

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