Im having s** with my stepbro

I sleep with my stepbrother. it only started a few months ago but now i cant stop its gotten out of control. it all started when one day me and my stepbro were trying to bond so we watched this scary movie on the couch. at first i hated my stepbro he always seemed like a mean guy and everyone called him a " player" and anyways. we were sitting on the couch and everytime i got scared i would jump out off the couch and try to hide . so he asked me if i wanted to hold his hands. knowing i thought he was joking i said no . but then i realized he wasnt so i sat next to him an held his hands. after all the scary parts of the movie i started to get sleepy i kinda fell asleep on his lap . i woke up a few time noticing he was getting a b**** .. at first i didnt want to say anything so i tried to go back to sleep but then i noticed he kept feeling up on me and i was getting a little p***** . i got up an told him to f*** off my body! and he said sorry for that and i hugged him.. though when he said sorry it actually seemed like he meant it .anyways the when the movie was over i asked could i sleep with him.. i know wht ur thinking but not in that way i mean like when you sleep in your brother room when u were little when u thought their were monsters in ur bed. so quickly he said yes and i made a bed on the floor next to his . he said that i could sleep in the same bed as him cause were now " family " but i didnt really think that was a good thing because ..i have slept in the same bed as a dude an ended up getting rapped. so i went to sleep in his room but when i woke he was next to me on the ground naked. me naked . and i never sleep nude! i noticed that he had raped me . i was shocked but not surprised . he said he was so called " sleep walkin"
but i knew he wasnt i told him it was ok because i didnt want to tell my dad. from then on he been beggin to do me with me awake so i could as he said " enjoy it " so i agreed just to make him shutup but then after it was over i realized I loved it! and when i told him i did he said " we could do it again anytime any place anywhere " and really we have.. recently the last place we did it was in his car.. i feel ashamed an digusted with myself but at the same time i cant help it . s** with him is perfect. i dont know how to stop doing it with him an im afraid if i dont my dad might find out and get p***** or i would pregnant because he doesn't use condoms and if i do tell my dad will still be p*****! i want to stop but its like a drug and if you know .. drugs are hard to come off. what should i do): i feel horrible


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  • Lucky chap.
    I'd love ❤ to f*** you .
    How old are you ?
    Hair colour ?
    I hope you have big t*** and a hairy c***.
    I would t** f*** you first, then f*** your c*** and finish all over your bush.
    If your f**** us is bald I'd s**** all over your face to finish.

  • Accept it. you are banging someone who makes you feel great.
    look for someone else who makes you feel great and bang them...maybe you can wean yourself off his c*** and onto someone else's, or maybe a girl?

    better to replace something good with something better, harder to give stuff up cold turkey.

  • Just watch the movie version. It's much, much better....***/Lindsay-Tristen-After-school/video390431

  • Just watch the movie version, its much, much better......***/Lindsay-Tristen-After-school/video390431

  • I had s** w my step brother twice and it was great but at the same time I feel awful about it and also scared I’m gonna get caught and he also doesn’t stop askin and still tries to kiss me and I’ve denied him that last few times but at the same time I don’t want too .. idk what to do either ..🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Ide love to f*** u

  • This post is over 5 yrs old. Wonder if the girl got pregnant

  • Fr.

  • If you arent over 15 or at the most 2 yearz brtween you you sgould stop this .Talk to him ir simeone who can help you .DEFINITELY MAKE HIM USE PROTECTION. Unwanted pregnancies ruin peoples lives. But you shold really get into a stable relationship with him

  • Well you say something because having s** with someone regardless of what the idiots say at the bottom is rape. Also a 14 year old cannot give consistent to a 19 year old man. This is messed up on so many levels

  • Where do you get 14 & 19 from?

  • Someone sleeping I mean

  • Noooooooooooooooo9o

  • Just use protection. Wether it be a condom femadom implant. Coil ect enjoy. It as long as both parties. Are over legal age of consent. And are consenting all is good sometimes its the thrill of something. Seen as wrong. That makes it feel so right in someplace around. The world biological siblings. Marry and have children and cousins. Its natural. In some cultures just that most cocasions deem it wrong I say enjoy the little things in life if that means intercorse with a step brother or sister who's business. Is it but your own

  • It happens to me to idk how to stop it. It's get bad I'm scared to wake up pregnant

  • Told him to use condoms

  • All of you are going to h***

  • That’s rude u should be ashamed it’s her stepbrother therefore it’s legal as long as she is the legal age it’s not considered rape🙄🙄🙄

  • I hate people like you, it seem so like you just come to read people's confessions justhe so can tell them right from wrong buts it's not your job or anyone elses job to do that

  • I was always. Taught. They f** in hel so cant wait to get there plus. Its Walmer

  • I have always. Been. Taught they f#*k in h**l so tbh can't wait to get there while you will be in heaven doing. Sweet fa plus he*l is Walmer

  • I am in a simular situation to me. I am having s** with my step brother he is 6years older than me. But we tell each other everything about each other. He has a bad past and most women would really be put off by his past events and some of his bad habits. I just end up liking him more. He knows my body so well and s** with him is so perfect. Our parents are married. I feel they would go so mad and prob disowne us if they found out. I know that I shouldn't be doing it but it feels so right and perfect. I get really upset and angry when he talks about other women around be in a sexual or flirty way he always smiles at me. He says he loves me so much and every bit of me, but then he talks about how he wants to find a girlfriend. Am I someone he loves? Or just a booty call?

  • It is your feminine DNA to be jealous, and you don't have to be.
    The more jealous you are, the more likely you do something irrational and you *DO* get discovered and everything falls apart.
    Just enjoy him, and look at what is going on like a non-judgmental friend would look at you, and do what makes you happy, carefully, and don't do anything over-jealous or stupid...
    Life will continue and find a way to naturally move you into an equally satisfying and less stressful s*x-life.

  • Wow I’m in the exact same situation except he’s a year older. I feel used. He talks about this one girl and how much he likes her, along with other girls, and it just kills me inside because on the other hand we’re messing around and he’s always telling me how hot I am. I get so angry and I can’t tell him why because I don’t wanna seem like the clingy one in whatever relationship we are. I’ve fallen in love and those feelings are only one way. I feel like he hates me most of the time, but then he’s so caring. So now I’m confused and heart broken. He started it, yet he calls me the weird/ confusing one. I hate how much I love him. I have no idea how he feels or what he wants out of this. He shuts me down when I ask

  • You've fallen in love with the feelings...maybe more than the man....think about it.

  • Booty call duh.

  • Exactly the same thing im going through 😣 it feels so good i love it. I just feel like its the wrong thing to do.

  • Because it is wrong. Heroin feels good but I don't do it lol

  • I'm all for doing what you want, but if he raped you isn't that a red flag?

  • This is literally my life right now. I'm 16 and he's 15. The only difference is that our parents aren't married, just living in the same household. I'm addicted to him. It's horrible because he told me it was wrong for us to have s**, then broke my heart. I have to see him every day and knowing that he's talking to other girls... It hurts like h***.

  • I'm in the same boat expect I'm two years older me and him have had s** multiple times and I don't know how to stop it I like it but it's starting to get way out of hand he says that he's going to marry me and were gonna be together forever but it doesn't work like that. Our parents aren't married but he was raised as my stepbrother and I never thought of him as my stepbrother. Every time he comes over he's always touching me and purposely turning me on then it happens . He always sleeping in my bed even when our parents say don't but he doesn't listen I don't know what to do please help me

  • Me to but u can't just go around being jealous u make him jealous of you

  • U are doing nothing wrong he is only ur step brother dont let anybody find out it is very unlikely u can get pregnant unless u have s** lots of times each day

  • Ya you are doing something wrong. If you can't tell your mom then it's most likely bad. Stop Supporting this gross s***. Find a normal bf.

  • Your an idiot go on birth control girl its time

  • Your not the only one. I just started having s** with my step brother and afterwards we would talk about it but whenever our family would come around he would be rude asf towards me. I'm addict to him so much whenever we are home alone i would ran into his room and do it.

  • Well I'm try to have s** with my step brother but I'm not gay and I don't want to be and he's not gay but I'm going to send him a long text say how I want to have s** with him and don't tell nobody you don't have to its up to you I just want to do it one time and I'm not gay I don't want to be gay and he not gay and that bad part it that I'm 14 he's 13 he's turning 14 in dec so I hope that txt work if not I guess I will stop then

  • Don't. This is how you f*** people up and create pedophiles

  • Same here but I'm gay

  • Sooooooooooooooooooooooo true that's happening to me right now

  • You're not alone! the same exact thing is happening to me except he's 18 and i just turned 16. you're right dude it's like the same as being addicted to a drug :(

  • Ew get help

  • Well it's not bad cause your not blood related.

  • He isn't your brother. He is your step-brother---NOT related. If you enjoy f****** him, them f*** him, damn it! Just get on the pill, for god's sake--don't be stupid about that. If you get pregnant, you'll really be in trouble with your dad. Remember, humans make all these stupid rules for no good reason. Life is too short not to have fun and do what seems right.

  • What horrid advice. There is rules and laws for a reason.

  • The law is that if you are full blood or in any way shape or form related then it’s a NO. But if you are NOT related AT ALL then it’s okay unless there is no consent.

  • If you two enjoy s** together and you have no hang ups about it then you should just do what makes you happy, there is nothing wrong with what your doing, just be careful and keep it on the down low so your dad won't find out don't take unnecessary chances when trying to s** each other so that no one will find out about your secret, you two are young adults in reality, you're not children as some people would like to believe and treat you as such by suppressing your natural human sexuality and keeping you ignorant of romantic as well as sexual experiences, this repressing logic only retards your cognitive ability to the status of a child, through the very threshold of your adulthood which makes absolutely no sense at all, because only knowledge and experience promotes cognitive maturation.

  • You are so supportive this is good advice!😄

  • it does not. Age of consent and rules are for a reason. You seem the type to promote pedophilia.

  • This might me a late comment, and its probably over with now but if you like it enjoy it, however where a condom you dont know where he has been and the things hes carrying. Plus less chance of getting pregnant... Are you guys still f******?

  • Step brother and sisters do that all the time doesn't mean you should. like you said he's 19 and yur 14... he could get in trouble and imagine how many girls he's had s** with in the past or now! get tested for std's.

  • I think u should enjoy it. Don't blame it on yourself. Its just s**. Its coming from an 18 year old guy. I think u should control a bit though, and do it in places where your dad cant c, like as u said, doing it in car is fine. And f*** condoms, cause he's not your real brother, if u wanna end up having his baby, then why not? And if your dad asks, well tell him he didn't use condoms aswell ;)

  • Ya have a baby when your financially, emotionally and physically not ready....dumb advice. You'll f*** up everyone's life including the child's

  • i acn also give you good service

  • I could do with one

  • well where a condom so you do not get prego because that would be really bad...

  • Add me on Facebook Cooper Earl-Smith <3 I'm not a pedo or anything I like helping people when they need it :)

  • No offence but ur name sounds like a 74 yr old if ur 18 please change to like tom or jakey something cute and preppy like my ex bf's Tim cuz that turns me on ;) ....

  • Do you wanna talk about it privatley?

  • YES):

  • + I'm a boy just to let you know :)

  • lol nice.......

  • How old are you and how old is he?

  • im 14 hes 19):

  • Rape ew.... Pedophile!

  • Have you added me?

  • Are you turning 15?

  • Are you still doing it with him?

  • yes . yes i am):

  • Message me

  • I smell bullshit

  • Yup it's more likely a guy witch is fine rather it be a fake then real notice all the s** offender want to get a hold of her

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