I want to have s**

I'm a 13 year old boy and I want to have s** with an older women like my friends mom is really hot and I can just imagining have s** with her all night long. Is this wrong? Or is it normal for a kid my age?

Apr 11, 2012

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  • Perfectly normal thoughts and desires, when I was 10 I felt the same way, it's not wrong to want s** with someone older because these desires are a natural part of human sexuality and the only thing that makes it wrong in your mind is because society has conditioned your grandparents, your parents and they in turn have conditioned you to believe that it is wrong, but in reality you thoughts and desires are normal as can be, so if you're lucky enough to find a woman who is not conditioned and is willing to give you s**, don't hesitate to gain some experience from her offer..

  • It's VERY normal for a kid your age to be wanting s**, to be confused about s**, and to be fantasising about older women. When I was 13 I had such a huge crush on my English teacher. What's not normal (or good for you really) is to try to act on it yet. Chances are she'll say no which'll make you really depressed, and if she DOES say yes it'll probably cause all sorts of problems for both you and her.

    Kid, that's what fantasies are for. Lock the bedroom or bathroom door, think about her, and learn all about the wonders of masturbation. You'll never be bored as long as you have a p**** and a hand. :D

  • Do what i usually do when i wanna f*** older women. I go to their house and then i ask them that if i can to use the bath. I take a quick bath and then i usually go out with a toal and then let it fall accidentally in front of her. Or i just sit nude in the toilet and let the door unlocked and just wait for her comes.

  • um it's normal to want to but completely illegal considering you're 13 and don't do as they said friend

  • make sure you wear a rubber if you do

  • Just tell her that you wanna bang her do damn hard you may make her c*** bleed as a wound

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