I am in f****** love i need help

Hi i am a 14 year old girl and i am in love with another girl from my school. i am not gay, i think i might be bi. i dont mean oh i think shes hot(i do) i am deeply, deeply f****** in love with her. i think about her none stop, every night before i sleep, every morning when i wake up she is the first thing i think about and i cant wait to go to school and see her. i have felt this way properly since y8,age 12. in y7 i was really confused(i still am) i felt really shy around her, i am shy anyway but with her i couldnt talk or even walk normally. it sais on her facebook that she is bi but i think its just a joke. she also has a boyfriend, they have been going out for 2 years. i am not her friend so its not like i can ask her if she is bi, i am kind of in the geeky group, people like me including the populars but the girl in paticular thinks i am weird- because of how i acted in Y7. i need help, how do i stop. she is beautiful.she is clever. she is funny. her laugh is amazing. we have loads in common.i love her....

Apr 12, 2012

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  • well not that i advocate falling in love at that young an age or s** at that young an age but i know it happens so convince her bf to convince her into a 3 way and pay all the attention to her let her see you love her tell her she's your baby and show her your a woman... just some advice from my goddess aphrodite...

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