My step brother is a rapist.

My father got married to a woman named cindy, who had a son named steve. He used to touch me when i was younger, and make me watch him hump a scooby doo animal. :l

Apr 12, 2012

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  • Err... no... technically a rapist is someone who rapes people. How old was Steve when he was doing this? If he was under 15 he was a reasonably normal adolecsant boy. Did you resist? If not, and he was fairly young, then he probably wouldn't have understood that you didn't want it. If you did then he was a bully.

    All this goes out the window if he was older of course, then he should have understood that it was unwanted attention.

    Either way I'm glad he DIDN'T rape you, and that he isn't biologically related (as the whole incest thing would make your trauma even worse). If you know that he HAS raped someone, or sexually assaulted someone as an adult you should tell an authority (police, school councillor etc). If he did it as a young boy and has since learned it's wrong and stopped it then I personally would write it off as childhood experimentation (even if unwanted) which you unfortunately were on the recieving end of.

  • creepy and i feel alot of sorrow for you friend any way i can help

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