I'm not shy...anymore !

I'm a 22 year old blonde gym teacher and was very shy until yesterday.

My husband has had the fantasy of me f****** another guy for about a year and i admit the idea turned me on but I thought I could never do it.

However, yesterday I was taking a shower after class and unaware anyone else was still there

One of my students walked in naked and apologized saying he didn't know I was in the shower.

I looked down and his d*** was huge and hard.
I could feel my p**** getting wet.

I put my hand on his d*** and a minute later his d*** was slamming into my p****. I began c****** really fast, and felt like I was gonna faint. When he pulled out his c** ran down my leg and I've never been so hot.

I invited him to come to our house, knowing it would be very easy for me to get my husband to try his fantasy.

The boy is only 15. I told him to not mention f****** in the shower and he'd be able to f*** me again with my husband watching.


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  • I kind of doubt that this story is true, as well...but it's still hot! ;)

  • Did you post this so you could get critique on the plot for that p*** story you're writing?


  • Yeah, like there are 22 year old blonde gym teachers around. And showers are not co-ed in schools. What a bunch of fake bullshit this confession is ! Suckers, all of you who fell for it. Probably by the same a****** who posted the dressing room confession.

  • 22 year old blond gym teacher how could anyone resist meeting the HUDBAND!!! ide be affraid of him kicking my ass

  • .that is scary ur 6 years older then him! like damn ! he could charge u for rape............................... just sayin

  • I can talk to Chris Hansen he might be interested in watching too..!!

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