My teacher wants s** with me

My science teacher has the biggest b**** and the best ass. Sometimes she sits next to me and dosn't mind or move her leg when I rest my leg on her. I really want her to s*** me anyone got any advice?

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  • If she does... Don't f*** her life.

  • F*** that b**** good get in side her

  • s*** her then id like to get shaged bye you

  • Do it don't disappoint her...she will only go elsewhere for it.I was brought up in France for six years and could speak fluent french.When I was 15 I used to enjoy doing my french teacher she was a mature middle aged women with a sexy large figure and she asked me in french in front of the whole class that she wanted to see me when everyone had gone home I replied Yes I will.. then she said I need make love will you agree to that. I had an 18 month affair with her best times ever no regrets..ENJOY

  • Yes, why don't you invite her over for a nice dinner, then have a romantic evening with her with absolutely no consequences!

    And then, we'll all be dipped in gold and dance through fields of unicorns and fluffy bunnies! HUZZAH

  • f*** her

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