My boyfriend can be a total d***.

My bf can be a total d*** at school time.i think just because hes a jock it gives him a free pass to act stupid. its like he has two different personalities one at school one after school.he usually a sweet nice listener and he always gives me piggy back rides an let me ride on his skateboard. i met him during the summer so when i knew he was goin to my school i was so exicted. but then i noticed he acted like a total d*** head . like one day at lunch he was sitting with the other football players and then as i was coming out the line i heard him say " heyy b**** come over here and give daddy a kiss" i was shocked an i turned around cause i thought he was talking to me. then this whorey s*** came over and came over and kissed him ! like not kiss kiss like all with tongue and everything an he was giving her tongue back! i was so f***** sad. i decided to just ignore him. so when school was over he came over to where i was an tried to kiss me. i put my hand in his face an said " go kiss ur b****" he laughed an said " you are my b****(; bad ass b**** " i tried not to smile cause i was mad but i did anyway . then he asked " sooo my kiss?" an i told him " ..go wash out yo mouth and maybe " . then he rode off on his skateboard. another time he was in class and he called me over to sit with him and then he told me to get lost so some other chick could sit their i was like " what the f*** " i slapped him. and ran out the class. and ran out the school sat under a tree. and cried . again he did that same thing and said " im sorry baby, i had a rep before i met u and i gotta keep that rep, ok? i still love u though". i was just furious down right mad! i said ok and then we hugged i cried in his lap . he made me laugh then left to go hang out with his friends. again my boyfriend is a total d*** i want back that dude i met in the summer . the nice fun cuddly sweet dude:( not some stupid m*********** d*** headed jock. i know he goes on this so im posting this to say . " QUIT BEING A D*** DRAKE!!!! " OR YOU WILL LOSE ME "

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  • Ditch his ass. You can find someone better! Don't be weak & stay strong.

  • its not my fault if i gotta rep . and yo new yo gotta respect that not being a d***. u shouldn't be posting this s*** on the internet babe.

  • Hun leopards don't change their spots, only cover them up. He won't change, guys just don't and seen as he had a reputation before that he thinks you'll ruin he really isn't worth your trouble, no one who makes you cry is. DUMP HIS ASS!

  • Don't ever let any man treat you like this ever again. And don't let this one do it either. No man is worth that kind of degradation or pain. Not only would you bet better off with another guy, you'd be better off WITHOUT a guy. Get rid of this L-O-S-E-R, before he makes YOU one. And don't wait: do it today.

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