Married Friend & Oral S**

I allowed my married friend to perform oral s** on me. I've never had a lesbian experience before. I liked it alot however I did not return the favor. I do not plan to perform the same for her. But I am willing to participate in the act if she wants to be the constant giver. Am I selfish? I'm not gay but it really doesnt matter if its a guy or girl licking & fondling your v***** & your b******. It still feels awesome!

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  • I'll lick your p****!

  • I have a friend like that. She likes to cut my grass as well. I let What's the harm?

  • You are selfish. You need to invite her over, cook a nice meal with some wine. Then both get naked and scissor each other until you both c**.

  • Some people just enjoy eating p****. Maybe she doesnt even want you to do the same. You could be doing her a favor just by donating your p**** to her!!! Everybodys happy!

  • I think you're selfish but if shes willing let her lick it!

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