I cant stop having s** with my boyfriends best friend

My boyfriends best friend is obnoxious but attractive, the three of us were very drunk and things were getting sexual. His friend was becoming very flirty with me and I was flirting back. He asked to see my b**** and my boyfriend encouraged it, so I did it...His friend got hard almost immediately, I could see it through his shorts. I was very drunk and had no boundaries, I wanted to see it. He brought it out and I couldn't believe it, it was so much longer than my boyfriends I was genuinely shocked. I don't know what came over me, I just started touching it. My boyfriend couldn't believe it and neither could I.

Long story short, I had s** with him right in front of my boyfriend. Not only that but I was very cruel because I was drunk. He just sat there and took it as I humiliated him, now I don't know where to go from here..

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  • "I cant stop having s** with my boyfriend's best friend" implies that you did it with him again- is that true?

    I'm not emotionally connected to you (obviously) but if this happened to me, I'd leave you immediately and I'd use this story over and over again to get any girl I ever wanted- and trust me, it would work.

  • i'm the guy who didn't know what to say again but it's those actions that make me fear the dating world

  • yeah i don't know what to say other than wow... that's terrible

  • Some guys want to watch their GF, or even wives f*** other men. I bet it turned him on.

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