I hate d****

I've seen p*** and I hated it. The girl was sucking a guy. His b**** were huge and he was just so wet. It made me sick. I dont know if Im a lesbian. I like guys emotional but I could never do anything physical with them

Apr 18, 2012

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  • There is nothing wrong with not being attracted to p***. Most women are not. P*** is made to play out male fantasies which include no mental imtimacy with a person. Most women are have to be stimulated mentally before they are aroused physically. Men are the opposite. A man wil ask a woman out purely because of the way she looks because they are visual creatures. Thats why you see the "s** industry" aimed at men instead of women.

  • A lot of women think c**** are unattractive and are turned off by graphic p***. So you aren't that unusual. If you are a lesbian you'd be probably be wondering about being sexually attracted to women rather than about being sexually unattracted to men.

  • hmm i don't know what to say about that..., um hot... i think? uh... awkward....hehe saddeningly painful to hear (concidering i'm a guy... and i'm a virgin)

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