Social vs Study life...which one to pick??

I have a choice between studying and going to gym. I dont know what to do. I'm kinda nerdy and people told me to be social but I cant seem to find time. I'm in the last days of college, or highschool if ur in US, and I cant really find the time to make muscles and do all that social stuff. Im just too busy. The truth really is that when I do get time, I prefer to watch p*** or a horror movie. What should I do? Should I just concentrate on making my future cause its a high time to decide what I gotta do. Should I study or go to gym. U tell... (And plz dont give me that "Its all about balance crap, I've seen guys who go to gym, I know) Im 18 by the way.

Apr 20, 2012

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  • Depends... when you're 35 do you want to be a gas station attendant with good social skills and no savings, or be a nerd with a well paid job?

    You can always find time wo work on your social skills when you have enough money to kick back, but I bet you'll find it hard to find money enough to study with your minimum wage job, trailer park home, trailer park wife, and 5 trailer park kids. Trust me, life doesn't end at 30 (h***, I'm 47 and having a ball!), but your ability to study is significantly reduced by then.

  • True, I'd rather be steve jobs than "no jobs", if you know what I mean. Having done my education I could always find a way to get back to being a "badass".

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