Busted in my step daughters panties, they smelled so good. Shes 15.

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  • I do the same thing. Mine is 17, but I've been using her panties for YEARS. I get naked, get in her bed when I'm alone, sniff, lick, and chew on her panties while masturbating under her sheets, and suck all of the flavor out of the crotch before finishing in them. Teen girls panties are AMAZING.

  • i love to f*** my daughter ...shes so hot sexy and 16 ;) she saw me nude so many times...caught me jerkomg off in the shower and on our couch and laying on my bed door wide open really turned me on

  • Once again, the self righteous f******** douchebags roll into the forums. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to a girl of that age. 1. Girls at that age have the perfect bodies. I, myself don't enjoy giant pancake b****. To me those are absolutely disgusting. I enjoy AA-32B b**** and just a tiny bit bigger if I'm interested. Which girls have that size? Younger girls. There are girls out there who are older and have that, and I'm interested in them too. Not to mention, for the most part, they aren't complete a******* like a lot of older girls are, and that's a plus.

    As long as a person isn't going around raping young girls, who the f*** are you to say they're disgusting, and inappropriate? I guarantee you have some 'sick' s*** you hide in the closet too.

    And to be honest, do you actually think he does this or is just saying this because he's 'in the mood'? Either way, stfu and stop being all preachy in a 'confessions' forum.

  • 1.its his step daughter you f****** weirdo. 2.hes married to the girls mother! 3. hes married and shouldnt be doing any s*** like that. 4.shes underage 5.hes your brother 6.your both peados especially you 7.yes i have made a confession a****** but nowhere near as bad as this c***, mine didnt invole minors or my wifes daughter you sick c***. i bet u got s*** to hide too....definately by the sounds of you baldy m*** diver.

    and we do what we want, dont tell us what to do f** face. go chase some little girls fat sweaty beast panty theif

  • 1. Doesn't matter. Imaginations don't hurt anything. 2. She obviously isn't as attractive as her daughter. 3. Though married, his wife must need to diet. 4. Underage, but probably smoking hot and sexy. If she looks old enough, and you can't tell that she's 15, who gives a rats ass? Go for it, especially since it's just a piece of cotton that she wore. 5. Huh? Did I miss something? 6. If being attracted to a smokin hot girl with a fine and tight body that happens to be under 18 makes me a pedo, well [raises my hand]. Sucks that they can't wear a big "18" on their foreheads, but go to the mall and hit on every girl you get a rise from that you think may be 18. I bet you'll get arrested. 7. give us the link for your confession so we can judge you too.

    I'm going to go check out some pics of Nicola Peltz, cuz, you know, she's hot, and underage.

  • mines is the story above this one

  • if her mother knew this you would get dumped quicker than a f** end you dirty b******. f** off

  • now not that i'm trying to admit to being ugly (i am ugly) but when you go through life without being afforded the oportunity to have s** at an early age (if for no other reason than people are shallow at a young age) you tend to realize just how retarded statements like "kids today have so much s** so who cares what kind of psychological impact that masturbating into their under wear has on them" can really be k that's all i care to rant about peace friend if you need me to rant more just ask and yeah

  • the reason i said he's sick for busting in her panties was mostly because what do people normally do when they use someone elses underwear hmm oh yeah they imagine they are f****** the person what does that normally lead to oh yeah rape! look i'm not an idiot i'm actually alot farther than you psychologically and intellectually... her s** life isn't the issue moron the dude is more than likely in his mid to late thirties and he's imagining himself f****** a fifteen year old child... tbc

  • Oh noes! He's using his imagination! How evil! Dumbass. He didn't say he was imagining her, but even if that were true, it really wouldn't matter. A 15 year old can be very attractive, and in many cases, you can't tell the difference between an 18 year old and a 15 year old anymore. If she was 18, it wouldn't be quite as "wrong" to most people. I think what freaks most people out is that it's his step daughter. But you know what? If she never knows, it will never impact her. So if it keeps him from doing more, so what if he does. Even if that's all he wants to do, why not? So he thinks she's attractive. Good for her. People like you want to make the thought-police real. Tell us which confessions are yours on this site so we can judge you next.

  • You're saying he's sick for busting in her panties? He isn't doing anything to her at all. You are such an idiot for judging him. So what if she's 15. Most 15 year old girls have either had s**, done oral, or have done some heavy petting. She's not innocent, but in this case, she doesn't even have anything to do with the poster busting in her panties. If she was in them, that's another story. But for now, I say, if it stops him from doing more to her, and it's not hurting anyone, go for it. The washing machine can take it.

  • dude 1 she's your step daughter your sickening and 2 she's fifteen you shouldn't be free from bubba's grasp right now

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