S** with my brothers best friend

Ok so here is the thing don't fudge me or even say any bad stuff I have to get this out so I have been in love with this guy since who knows well anyway one nigh it was me and him and my brother so he was like rubbing my leg and stuff so I noticed that I haven't shaved...... Ugh my luck hehe so I ran to the bathroom hello don't want to get embarrassed. LOL. So when I got back I layed back down this is how we were laying.?!.?!.
MY BROTHER. HIM. ME So anyway he started to rub my leg agian and that was fine he starts to hold my hand fine with that then he puts his hand in my pants and I'm like wow dude to fast so I back up and then my brother falls asleep and I'm like wow my luck you I ow I won't be able to handle my self so then he pulls my pants down and I was sooooo in love I didn't know what I was doing and one thing led to another and bam we were haven't s**........ WOW after a while I'm like ok dude I can't do this your my brothers best friend and then I got up and got a drink and he's like baby what's wrong and I'm like dude you have never had any interest in me before what changed he goes ive allways liked you and that's a lie...?!?!?
So I went to the bathroom and when I came back and he was laying down like he was ready for a secound round and I'm like uhhhhh noooo so I lay down as far away from him as possible and I'm my entire time I've only told 3 ppl my BFFs oil sister and she included up saying sum to him then my BFF and she said sm to my bro and my bffl Irene and she kept it and when my bro found out his race was like I almost cried

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  • learn how to spell and some grammar would not go a miss ether.

  • fake as f***.

  • because they can be what can i do to help since he won't...

  • Why are people so mean?

  • ... djeez christ your story is just so annoying to read because of ehm like it was sorta written in a retarded way. Learn how to write like normal people and get back to us. In the mean time, I don't care about what happens to you.

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