i hate people

i hate people

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  • You're part of,"the people" you aren't a minority.You're part of a majority,called "mankind" get used to it,because you can't change it :)

  • Hate you too!

  • ...um yea.ppl suck.especiallly u guys. LOL
    seriously,I just dont see the point in putting myself out there to ppl. All the friends i got,they came up to get to know me,not the other way around. To be serious,if they hadnt,I would be friendless.but i got bout 80 friends all over the world,so its cool

  • i hate everyone when i'm driving..everyone is retarded!

  • me too. i wish i could rip their eyeballs out of their sockets when they look at me. i think they should mind their own *&^% business.

  • agreed.
    especially people i don't know.
    i just never want to make the effort to get to know people.
    in public, i pretend im constantly talking to someone on the phone so they will quit staring at me. i wish everyone would leave me the heck alone.

  • now sitting around and WATCHING people is another story. i like to talk about them and make fun of them. the paradox is, i would never do it in such a way that they knew what i was doing, and i would never do it to someone's face. after all, i'm a "nice" person.

  • I'm the opposite. Even if I don't want to interact with them, I want to be around people, soak in their energy, people-watch, listen in on their conversations...

  • it's like, when i go out in public, i can't wait to get home to be away from everyone. the only place i feel truly safe is by myself.

  • WOAH SO DO I. Seriously..

  • F****** me too.

  • me too

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