Groupie obsession

M a 21 year old female. About a year ago I had a one night stand with the frontman of what I suppose you would call a semi-famous band. They do a world tour every year or so. I first saw him on the music channels on tv and then live on the main stage of Download festival at 14 and have had a crush on him ever since. When he came to play a small gig in my town I set my sights on him and my boyfriend at the time gave me permission to have s** with him. Since that night I have become rather obsessed with this guy, I saw his band play again last month and was delighted that he remembered my name and made a point of wading through all the fans seeking autographs to come talk to me. Unfortunately It wasn't possible to have a repeat performance which is probably a good thing as I now have the most perfect boyfriend. But the band is going on tour again in September and I'm not sure I'll be able to resist this time if I get the opportunity again! I'd feel bad but I also know that I'd regret it if I didn't do him again. I dream about him and listen to his music all the time. I KNOW there will never be a relationship between us, but it's just a strange, I feel like I have a fan-girl crush on a celebrity, but I've actually been in his bed.

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  • The download festival is not a real festival,had it been called merry mayhem or monsters of rock it wouldve been real, or motorhead kicks your mothers ass or something like that this story would have been cool but this is comparable to your nipple slipping out while sunbathing muahhahahahahha

  • i was just hoping to help you with any issues you may have had that's why i was curious about a question i didn't mean to p*** you off (call me sad i can't help)

  • Sorry I wasn't aware I was required to ask a question! Just needed to get it off my chest really as I can't talk to friends about it. And I'm not a liar, not that it particually bothers me that you should think that. Men are men, it doesn't matter it they're famous, they still want s**.

  • I think it's cool. Maybe your boyfriend will give you another pass...

  • Liar.

  • She might not be a liar.. famous people do have s**. just because you haven't had s** with a famous person doesn't mean you have to call her a liar,

  • is there a question in this at all... -.-

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