L*** for a married man


I have fallen in l*** with a married man who is my co-worker. I flirted with him shamelessly and felt it was safe because he was happily married. Everyone finds him immensely attractive and charming and I happened to have fallen for these traits as well. But I never felt he nor I took the flirting seriously until 2 weeks ago. Things started to change in the way we flirted and I had a lot of misgivings where this was leading to. I started to back off our flirting and he became more serious. Finally, we talked openly about becoming intimate. I know that if we ever did,
I would definitely need to find another job because I don't want it to become an affair. But I feel overwhelmed and ashamed at how much l*** I feel for him. I think of sometimes just sleeping with him to get it over with. I've never cheated and never slept with a married man. I don't know why I'm even considering now. What should I do?

May 4, 2012

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  • Use your mind instead of your pu$$y-tingles. That's what I did. It helped that he didn't hide being an arrogant pah-rick who liked chasing tail and being a control freak. There are lots of ways a person can be ugly, and they're not just physical!

  • My answer? If you do not care if you lose your job, fu-ck him. Otherwise, be a professional.

  • Stop the flirting - cold. Whatever feelings you have for this guy will subside in time. You say you have never cheated, are you married or in a ltr? What do you do? This whole situation spells disaster - more so for you, than him. He's married, you work with him, and you're starting to have feelings for him (l*** or otherwise - emotional attachment is there). Job market is pretty difficult right now. Doesn't sound like it's worth it. Whatever you choose to do, you have to live with yourself and the choices you make.

  • Dont do it, what if u were that guys wife, how would u feel if u dound out ir husband had s** with a chick at work?!

  • Do it he may the best s** you've ever had, and why would you EVER want to pass up the chance.

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