F***** best friend's dad

I put this on yahoo answers, don't know why, I might as well confess here too. SO here is the deal. I am 19 and I enjoy s** a lot every knows that about me. I have cheated on my boyfriend before, he forgave me the last time. My best friend and I have known each other since we were 14, we graduated high school together. Anyway her Dad is really cool I hang out at there place all the time. Well a few nights ago I was spending the night at my friends house and we went skinny dipping in her pool with our boyfriends, we didn't think her parents would be home. Well her Dad came out and caught us, he made us put swim suits on but he was cool about the whole thing. Anyway later that night he let us drink from his bar. He slipped me a note that said "I'd like to meet you in the guest room" I thought what the heck, I had a school girl crush on him since I was 14. Anyway I sneak off to the guest room. First we just talk, he tells me how hot I am, then he says that his wife is already asleep and know one will know if we go all the way. I was pretty drunk and feeling wild so I let him have his way with me, It was exciting and daring at the time, but now I feel a little guilty. Since then we have hooked up twice, my boyfriend doesn't know. My boyfriend and I are having our issues at the moment but that's another confession. I can't tell my friend, I hate being dishonest with her. But how do I tell her I'm her dad's "other woman", her and her mom are really close. So that's it. I guess I'm a w****.


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  • Keep on f****** him. Why not? You're having a great time!

  • You spite full rat the wife and boyfriend has the right to know who do you think you are keeping it to your self!!!! Get over your self! What's up scared your fella may dump your aid ridden ass! Or you don't want him to meet a better girlfriend yes you are w**** so go die! As for your friend your no friend to destroy her family! Do the decent thing and tell the people you have s*** on its there choice if they want to stick around its not for you to decide so ignore the other comment keeping it to your self wtf....
    P. I hope you meet the guy of you dreams and he s**** on you!


  • It serves no purpose to tell anyone about this. It will only break up her family. He should have not cheated on his wife and family. Drunk or not you should not have cheated on your friend and your boyfriend. Now with that said don't do it anymore and don't worry about what you've done. What has been done has been done you can't change the past. You can learn from it and not repeat the mistake.

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