Lifes a b****

I am an 11 year old girl and life sucks already :/ I have been through alot that other kids my age didn't have to go through... and i am all alone.No one wants to help me so I am in a huge tangle of mess. I was abused every day until this year I was abused physically and emotionally by my father who has bi-polar. I love my dad alot but I can't trust him because he has mood swings all the time and he changes into a whole different person. I don't live with him anymore because if I didn't move away my mum, sister and I would proberbly been dead....Every day things got worst it didn't start off as bad. I wish he didn't have mood swings I want him to be the same nice caring person all the time...My mum is the only family member I have who is calm. My sister who is 18 is starting to have mood swings and she calls me a lazy b**** and says I am worthless all the time she isn't that mature she also tries her best to make mum angry....Well that just goes to say LIFE IS A B****!! Also don't comment mean stuff because that's all that happens when i make confessions on this site...You also might have seen my other confessions...

May 7, 2012

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  • Hi,
    i am a lot older than you in fact im 53 but i feel my life sucks at times too my wife died in 2005 and it cant get much harder to deal with than that!!
    it does get better with time so just hang in there,as you get older it will sort itself out and you will see things a bit differently you will understand your dad more and realise it is not his fault. i have two daughters and i have not seen them since their mum died,i heard the eldest one has had two kids now so i am a grandad but i havent seen my grandkids either ,so be strong there is always some worse off that you.hang in there you'll be ok in the end

  • well friend i want to help you if i can i'm not perfect but i won't mood swing i promise i might sing randomly but i will try my hardest to help :) also if i seem like a d*** i'm sorry but that's just how i come off alot...

  • A d***,,,,you don't sound like a d***? Your one of the only people on this site who hasn't told me to burn in h***.....
    -Person who wrote this post

  • well"person who wrote this post" (long name "op" would be shorter) i mostly meant about my joke i tend to joke pretty harshly... so really how can i help :)

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