We had s** and didnt feel bad about it.

It was two years ago that I met my half-sister in person.
I had just gotten over a divorce from a woman that was controlling. I was 33 at the time and she was 19.

We had spent the last few days exploring the area I had moved to on the east coast, and having fun. We had a falling out a few years before that and after the divorce it was like we were different people.

We spent our time seeing sights in the area and having a lot of fun. I felt young again. Felt like I had a friend to do crazy kid things with.

Later on at the bar we played pool and bought a pitcher of beer. I mentioned that that hot blonde across the bar was so hot I wanted to squeeze her peppers and rock her world.
I said I felt like I had blue b**** so bad.

My half-sister asked, 'why don't you then?"

"Well sis, I got herpes from my wife and I really don't want to remotely pass it on to anyone else"

"Small world... I have herpes too. I got it from a guy who didnt even bother to tell me!"

Then she looked at me. Then it looked like her eyes softened a bit. "Come with me...", she said.

We went out to the truck and got in. "Where to sis?"

She leaned over, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled my c*** from my shorts and started flitting her tongue underneath the head. I relaxed somewhat... Then began thinking out why she was doing what she did.

I really didnt want to do anything incestuous. I mean, come on this was my sister, right? Then I began to think everyone does have needs and its not like we are in love or procreating together. I held her hair as it got rock hard. Then I said... We need to get a room.
She looked at me shocked, "No were not, you are NOT going to f*** me!"

"Well, how long has it been since a guy has made you o*****?"

"It has been a long time. I turned to women because I didnt feel it could passed on as easy"

"Wow, thats a shocker for me in a way. Kind of hot picturing you with another girl."

She hit me on my chest with her fist. "How dare you! I am your sister you know". Shen she started to cry uncontrollably. I moved closer to her and put my arms around her. "Yes, but technically in a way you ARE my half sister".

I ran my fingers through her hair. Then she kissed me. It was very deep then she bit my bottom lip fiercely.

"Okay lets find a good hotel!" She demanded.

Minutes later we found a nice room. We spent the evening playing and f******. It was amazing.

Later, I wondered as we lay in bed... What will happen now? Have I ruined our relationship because we felt we had to satisfy our needs? The rest of the family can't find out! It seemed almost too much.

She woke and looked at me. "Whats bothering you now?!?" She said.

"Oh, I am just thinking of the consequences of what we did." I said half-laughing.

"O? Who is going to find out? This is our little secret you know. It wont be a habit you know, just maybe once a year till we can find something better." She said raising an eyebrow.

I hugged her tight. "I am really glad to hear that sis. I love you too much for this to destroy us. If we did it often enough it would totally destroy me inside. But it WAS absolutely wonderful to be loved that way. The empty hole in my heart was getting too unbearable."

She smiled. "Well, don't get TOO used to that. Tomorrow we are totally brother and sister again."

"I am glad. Really glad sis..."

"But, for tonight...", she said snuggling under my arm, "we will forget that. But tonight only."

Then morning came, we got ready and left. Sure enough we were brother and sister again. Truely happy for that. But I will and can never forget the love we shared that night in helping each other with needs that were too difficult to do without.

May 9, 2012

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  • Having wrote that, it is soooo funny people think it is fake.

  • Total Bullshit

  • Uhh... How incredibly detailed :P

  • fake! to much detail and info for any real story but at least masturbators can enjoy the story

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