Am i a w****?

I'm a 21 year old female. I lost my virginity at 16 years of age.
Am I a w****?
Ladies, what's your age and your number?

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  • "She" is not a w****. She is a he, because every woman wants to know about the s** lives of strange women...Not. I admit he is creative in trying to get info, but it is so obvious.

  • Looks like you're all a bunch of dirty whores! Shame on you! Stinky ass p****'s filled with j***! And you wonder why the divorce rate is 50%?! You're all going to make great mothers! Teach your children well - ya dirt bags!

  • I'm a 17 year old girl. Lost it at 15 (a month before I turned 16). I've had 3 s** partners, but I've had s** so many times

  • You're not a w**** if you know that there's more to s** than just s******* random guys for the fun of it. If you feel that you respect your body and yourself ( by respect i mean knowing that you deserve more than to be somebody's temporary enjoyment)then, no, you're not a w****. why are you asking the question though? that's something to look in to. wish you all the best.

  • I'm 26 and I'm trying to remember. I lost count after 38. Lol.

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