Had S**?

Okay, weird question guys, okay would a teenage virgin guy get turned off if a girl isn't a virgin, I mean not like a s*** but only had s** once. Do they? We're 14 and 15 btw.

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  • I'm a 17 and a girl, but personally I think it was more of a turn on for my best friend and I when we lost our virginity together. He knew I hadn't been with any other guys, and I knew he hadn't been with any other girls so neither of us were worried about having to compete with a different experience. It made us both feel a little more comfortable and it was a lot more fun that way[;

  • I am 15, and I had s** with a girl and she wasn't a virgin, it was kind of a turn off at the time because it just isn't romantic compared to losing your virginity with a virgin. It makes you closer as a couple that way.

  • I guess it depends on the boy, that may be something you need to discover yourself.

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