I have been married for almost a decade. I have dealt with all of the ups and downs and general boloney that comes with marriage. I lost my high paying job. This is the first time that I have not had any income. My bills are out of control. I am in a real interesting place right now with my debts.
My wife has never worked. She has every material thing and then some. I would be so bold as to say she has never paid a single FN bill. I have always stood by her side in crisis and times of trouble, of which there were many, been there for her when the sailing seas were rough.
Well, the tables have turned. I am the one that is scrambling for answers. Not to worry, I am a fighter, I will figure it out. Sure it sucks not to have income, but hey, a job Is a phone call away. So what is my point? What is going on with this tale? I will tell you.
I have been my wife’s champion. I am not perfect in any sense. I am a basket case in my own right, HOWEVER, I have always taken care of business, one way or the other. Do you think it would kill my f****** wife to be supportive of ME in MY time of need? Too much to ask for a “get out there and make it happen” or “honey, I know you will kick some ass and figure everything out, I believe in you”
What do I get for hooking her up all of these years with whatever she wants and the b**** has never worked, great housewife, excellent chef, but no skills to pay the bills.
I get “this is all your fault” and “you should have seen this coming” and now I am a “loser” and to top it off, I might as well have the m************ plague- no nookie or vanilla flavored nookie. And I am supposed to go out into the world and bust my ass in a new career for this bullshit? I married a Monday morning quarterback. If I would have done this different, would have done that different…- FINE. Every little last thing is my F****** fault. But at least I wasn’t afraid to be the field general. What a b****. Throwing me under the bus and not even so much as a tear!
LESSON TO BE LEARNED: If you marry a high maintenance piece of ass, do not expect any different. Do not marry anyone that is sad, depressed, on Prozac, mommy and daddy issues, and no kids from a previous. You are marrying the first spouse too. If you do not know the person you are marrying and all of their quirks, then you have no business getting married, you also marry any bad debt they have too.
Watch your ass! It’s not safe out there…

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  • Let the bills overtake you. Start selling your material wealth that you probably don't need. Get rid of the 2nd car, the boat, anything like that. She should be on the hook and should shoulder her part of the deal. Thats where the 'For better or for worse' part kicks in. You are right to expect a grain of respect. Let her realize that you worked hard for yourselves, then get that job you can just call for. The golden goose s**** on its own eggs, like every other bird out there...

    Best of luck!

  • Male or female no one deserves that. There's no excuse what so ever for her actions. It's just plain stupid and wrong. It's nothing wrong with being high maintenance but if you are going to be that way support your own habbit. Comments 2 and 3 have got to be the dumbest comments ever. So what if older men leave older women for younger women. That's not the case here. He's talking about how inconsiderate and stupid his wife is being. He's talking about atleast getting some of the same treatment that he gave her in her time of need. He's not even asking for money or for her to start working. Just for her to stand in and support him while he's down. Maybe give some encouragement or something. Not just stop loving him. And I bet when he get's back on his feet (which he probably will) then the trick is going to be right back with her little greedy hands out asking for more money and gifts. If I were you I'd get back on my feet and divorce the little sh** but don't take that advice because that's just what i would do. And just for the record it would be just as wrong if it were the man in this situation, not being supportive after his wife supported him.


  • Sounds a bit like my marriage. I have been married 20+ years and that sounds just like me.
    Women will turn on you in a second.

  • kill her.

  • Cry me a f****** river, dude. Get a life-

    I am so there! Wish me luck. It is going to be ugly at firest.

  • Guys are shallow and only marry for looks and ass, so they deserve what's coming to them when the chips are done and the b**** proves fickle.

    How many men have left a good woman because she got older and he had a f****** midlife crisis and decided to go chase some 20-year-old tail?

    Cry me a f****** river, dude. Get a life.

  • I agree - and I'm a woman! I bust my ass for my man, I've never had things handed to me and I don't expect them to be. I hope things get better for you, have you tried telling her how you feel?

  • Amen... P***** me off how many women out there think that getting everything they want is a right of theirs.

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