GF has gone s** crazy

My GF has gotten really strange lately. We have dated about 6 months, and have A LOT of s**. Lately, she has been acting weird. She was giving me a b******,(man can she suck d***), well I came in her mouth and I thought she was going to go to the bathroom to spit out my c**, instead she grabs my head and kisses me with my c** in her mouth, It was gross, I almost swallowed some of my own c**. A few nights later I am eating her p**** out, she grabbed my head, and screams, "Lick my a****** b****!" No way am I doing that. She wasn't happy.
She made goofy comments too, we were watching "Thor", and she asked me, "Do you think "Thor" has a big d***?" What I the h*** is wrong with you? I asked. She said, "Just curious."
The kicker was last night, our s** life is pretty normal, but she asked me if she could f*** me in the ass with a strap-on. Holy s***! What?
Before people says she is cheating on me, I do not think so. She literally wants s** ALL THE TIME. I have talked to her about her weird behavior, and she says I should be willing to try new things in the bedroom. Am I being to prudish?

May 15, 2012

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  • If she wants to know I am a Thor look alike =).

  • Wish I could get a girl like that. She sounds awesome.

  • Bro she is a lesbian. She is cheating on you with a girl. Think about this why would she want a strap-on in her ass when you got a d***.

    Tell her all those fantasy's do not come true in real life, p*** is not how you have a loving sexual relationship. Don't get me wrong I watch p***, but never do anything of that in my sexual life. She is cheating on you with a chick or just fantasizing to much from her p*** she watches.

  • Try re-reading the original post, dude. The gf doesn't want the strap-on in HER ass: she wants to strap it on and stick it in HIS ass. Sheesh!

  • Jesus that b**** is nasty and shes definitely cheating. its really common that a partner whose having an affair gets more amped up for f****** even at home too. be careful you dont get some std that she brings home from all the f****** around shes doing. your in denial.

  • I don't think she is cheating, why would she want to f*** me all the time? Since she is doing all this stuff to me, I need to turn the tables on her, and see what she won't do. Not sure what to say to her that she wouldn't do right now though. Would have to be something really wild. LOL

  • Do analingus to YOU. Right now, she wants you to do it to her. You might want to see if she would want to do that. If yes, well, you both better wash up...

  • despite what you think or say she is totaly cheating on you and showing you waht she learned witth the other guys shes f****** and believe me shes f****** a lot of guys if shes doing all this new s*** in such a short period of time

  • does she have a sister? can you hook a brother up?

  • it's called nymphomania

  • Sounds like a nice problem to have, bro....lighten up and enjoy it.

  • I Quote:

    Make a judgement, before you discount anything. Is the kind of sexual activity they have asked for:
    A) Silly and endearingly daft?
    B) Not something you'd think up yourself?
    C) Frightening, illegal, cruel to animals, likely to land you in hospital, contrary to public health, or the preserve of disgraced political figures?
    C) speaks for itself, and your partner needs to know in very certain terms that that dish is not on the menu tonight or any night.
    But things which are only A) or B) might require a bit more thought. Dismissing s** activities only because they are not already in your sexual repetoire is no basis for a good, communicative love life. How are you going to know if you like something if you don't experiment? You can always give something a whirl once- and have a 'safe word' that brings all near the knuckle activity to an instant stop.

  • That's pretty weird behavior for a girl. but sometimes girls like to get down and nasty too. although if it bothers you, just talk to her. if she says nothings wrong. then just chill and go with the flow.

  • You totally need to chill, dude. If you know she isn't cheating on you (though it seems likely that's exactly what she's doing, and then bringing her new knowledge home), then just relax and go with the flow, and enjoy everything the girl likes and wants and needs, because if you don't give that to her, she'll go get it somewhere else. She sounds nasty, and nasty is wonderful. Don't ever say "no" to her!!!

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