I want to have s** with my girlfriend's mum

I am infatauted with my girlfrined's mum. I can't stop thinking about her. Even when I am having s** with my girlfriend I am imagining that I am having s** with her mum.

My girlfriend is 29, her mum is 57, I am 38. There is something about her that drives me wild.

I even been reading some of the confessions on this site (and other sites) at night, while my girlfriend is lying next to me, asleep, in bed. I start thinking of her mum and get turned on as I picture myself and my girlfriend's mum in the various scenarios described in other people's confessions.

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking of ways to get physically closer to her. Whenever I kiss her hello/goodbye (on the cheek) I am trying to get closer and closer to her lips each time. I hope that she is feeling the same way. The corners of our lips are almost touching when we kiss. I think the next time I see her I will try to kiss her on the lips.

I was at her house one day (with my girlfriend). My girlfriend was in another room. I was sitting at the kitchen bench, on a stool, talking to her mum... my leg was protruding from the side of the bench and her mum came over to show me a something in a advertising brochure. I'll be honest, I wasn't paying attention to what was in the brochure because her p**** rubbed up against my knee. I think it was accidental, but I didn't move my leg, and she didn't move away either. She just continued to press her p**** against my knee for the next minute or so, explaining how she wanted to buy this item from the brochure.

She has a rather large behind, and amazing b****** (as far as I can see under her clothes). Some may say she is a bit overweight, but there is something about her that make want to rip her clothes off and have s** with her whenever I see her. On occasion I have seen extra cleavage when she has bent over. I try to catch a glimpse of her breast whenever I can.

My girlfriend said her mum wanted to see a movie (at the cinema) with us. I will try to sit next to her mum. I will rub my leg against hers to see if there is a respsonse. Then I will run my hand down her leg.

I am not sure what to do? Is the way I look at her obvious to others? How can I make her want to have s** with me?

I will update my progress in the next few weeks.

Wish me luck.

I know it is wrong, and my girlfriend would be devastated if she found out about my fantasy... let alone if she found out if anything happened, but I can't get these thoughts out of my head.

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  • This is only a test......if it had been a real emergency.....you would have f... Her by now........stay with your g/f......ignore her mother............by the way....what's the address....lol

  • Tell me what happened!!!!

  • 1 vote for me... to the confessor, if you go ahead plan for the end of your relationship.

  • Stacy's mom has got it goin' on! Kmsl. vote if you remember this song!!

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