I want him SO BAD but.......hes gay

I have been best friends with a gay man for many years now, we met in college and have been friends ever since. I have been attracted to him since the day I met him, but hes gay :( I have never wanted to date him or anything, i just want to have s** with him so badly. However, we came close one time, we were at a party once and got really drunk, we both went back to my house and ended up fooling around, nothing too serious at all just "experimenting". Well after wards he told me how weird it was and how he regretted it, I pretended to feel the same way even though it was one of the best nights of my life. Its a year later and I really want to do it again. Every time I see him my mind wonders and I end up thinking about all of the sexual things I want to do with him, and every time I please myself I think about him. Should I do my best to forget about it and try to stop all of these fantasies or should I try to seduce him, i don't want to ruin out friendship, what should I do?

May 21, 2012

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  • Don't pursue it,if you want to remain, best friends,with him.He's not into girls and you can't have what you want,this time.Get over him and pursue other avenues.Your friendship is worth more x

  • Continue to fantasize about him and slowly your interest may wane as you realize his preference for men is not going to allow him to make any new advances. There's always date rape too j/k I'm sure that must exist in your fantasy catalogue.

  • Omg i thought u forgot about that and the answer is leave me alone please thank girl

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