Married Lesbian secretly craving c***

I am a happily married bbw lesbian but the last few months have been dying to be f***** hard and rough by a man with a thick, big c***. I need to feel it I side me and to taste a c*** again would be so good..i m********* and think of being gang banged by well endowed guys and my p**** aches. I travel for work and am always tempted to try and lure some d*** back to my accommodation and have a night of hard f******..let him t** f*** me, eat my p****, lick my ass and f*** the h*** out of me with that big hard,c***.

May 22, 2012

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  • Would your wife give you a Hall Pass or let you bring home a man to share? I've been shared by female couples before. It wasn't great for me as only one gave me any attention but that one LOVED it.

  • I'm a guy and I totally wish you were married to me! Wow, you are incredibly sexy and desirable!

  • I'm with the user that commented about finding a magical unicorn husband that allows "girls day outs".

    F*** I'd like to find a man like that. In any case, I have the same fantasy as you - except I'm a straight married gal and p*** depicting successful clitoral o****** is the thick c*** I'm chasing, lol!


  • soooooooooo nasty.....i think i love you.

  • Haha thanks..sadly I'm not after love, I have that ;op

  • Not entirely sure you're either of the two things you described yourself as: "married" or "lesbian". Sounds like maybe you need a husband who lets you play with the girls on the side.

  • I am married to a woman (civil partnership) and I am a lesbian. Fantasies are just that. Everyone fantasises but that does not mean they are the category. If a straight man fantasises about c*** it does not mean he is gay.

  • They woman who describes herself as a married lesbian who is thinking now about a man's c***, well then obviously she is craving just that and that is what she wants because the female finger or tongue is just not cutting it for her and you want to say she is fantasying ? Bull lady, the woman clearly is not happy or fulfilled sexually and made it very clear that a c*** is what she wants now. Why? I don't know , maybe she has found out that lesbian life is not that great and she wants and desires to be a real woman , to think like a woman, feel like a woman and just simply be a woman with the attentions of a man. Don't under estimate the p**** or c*** as not being a pleasurable satisfying experience for yes even you lesbians. You ought to find some sensitive compassionate gentle man out there to make you happy and you just might find your not lesbian after all. I've seen so many miserable lesbians relationships break up or they cheat because after a while they are just not satisfied. It's a horrid lifestyle. The only one's that can seem to get away with it are the wealthy celebrities cause they got money but lesbians who work usually meet woman at disgusting bars, tend to drink a lot and smoke cigarettes an unhealthy life unlike the hypocrite healthy wealthy pregnant born a gain Christian that got chased out of Nashville cause she's stupid and now with a woman 10 years her younger while Chely is pregnant at age 42. I even heard the idiot she fell for Lauren after just 2 weeks. She has a lesson to learn in this life. It won't last just like Melissa Etheridge and even Ellen had trouble's. Melissa first wife after 2 kids by David Crosby went back to men and is now married. If Chely wants to be lesbian and married she has got the money she made from Nashville and she can do it; but how many you middle class lesbians can do what they preach and do? Chely Wright is celebrity w**** who should leave Jesus out of it cause he died not just to forgive gut also to set her free.

  • True

  • Um, I'm waving my hand over here.

  • If only!

  • Make that two of us!! :)

  • I think we have a gang-bang ready for you.

    Hung man #3

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