I AM A SICK B******!!

I am 16 and for the last week, I have been masturbating while reading some of the posts on this site.
I mostly center around the stories of incest and molestation because.... well, I like it.
I have always had an extremely strong sense of imagination, so strong that I can literally FEEL the pain of others. I usually put myself in the position of the one causing the pain. I feel that I have a strong sense of justice and I absolutely hate causing any type of pain and cannot forgive myself for committing such unforgivable acts(even if it is in my head), so I hurt myself in any way possible afterward.

I am sincerely sorry to all those posting their honest and tragic experiences.

The world would be better off with me dead...

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  • Don't hate yourself so much for it.
    I'm the same (I'm a girl) except I put myself in place of the one experiencing the pain (not giving the pain). I usually hate myself for it afterwards and figure there's something terribly wrong with me, but I assume there must be a reason that I'm like this.

    So don't hate yourself so much for it.

  • Aye bro i bearly found this site today and I have been
    Going at it like crazy. It is semi normal to m********* but don't hurt
    Yourself and btw I am an extremely devoted christian
    The reason being I love people and want to change
    remember enjoy your own love

  • oh yeah, plus, you, the one who did that dumb duck story, yoou lack good writing abiltiy. plus, your story sucked. you should be ashamed.

  • not true! plus, you shouldnt die, i don't m*********, i'm a girl by the way, and i read these posts all of them, nearly, and i have heard that masturbatiiing is very normal, and maybe you are just only reading these things because of your life. plus, that one persons story sucked. and was so not true! and all things happen for a reason. i am a christian, don't judge me by that, i sttill would have said the same things. and you can stop reading these tthings. just remember if you keep reading them, someone knows, and tthey suffer more pain then theyy shhould. and don't hurt yourself because of others pain! just cry, and, even if you arent a christian, you should still try to pray to God and His Son. its lovely to have someone to know all of it. goodbye, my friend.

  • Once upon a time,there was a ugly Duckling,who was so Ugly,that everybody died.(you are that ugly Duckling)

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