I like being my boyfriends doggy b****

I love when my boyfriend talks to me like I were a dog during s**. Those animals have it lucky...they have choke collars, and can use toys in public, always on all fours...I just love it! Here is a conversation that my boytoy had to send me cause he lost a bet that a slippery d*** is a fish. Enjoy <3

Well it would start off as me coming home from work, and you go to the door to greet me. You jump onto me and i push you off and say get down b****. Youd go over to your dog bed and lay down. Id walk into the kitchen and yell get over mutt. What the h*** is this? Id point at a puddle. Is this your pee? Get your ass over here. Id oush your head into it and say clean it up. You resist and id slap your ass. Doing you dumb b****. You would start licking it up. Id say good little b****. Once its all cleaned up id put a choke collar on you. Id pull you over to your bowl and p*** in it. Then id tell you to drink it. While i choke you, you drink it. Once youre done id say good mutt. Do you want a treat? Id get the peanut butter out and show you. You would get excited and jump onto me. Id slap you and say easy b****. Id stick my finger into it and show it to you. Id let you lick it. Id say suck it off b****. You would suck it all off. Id kick you then put your leash on. Id pull you out into the living room. You would jump onto the couch and id say what the h*** are you doing? Id pull you off hard and say what the h*** is wrong with you? Id take off my pants and pull you over to me. Id slap my d*** against your face. Then id put some peanut butter on it and tell you to lick it off. Once your done licking it all off id smear some on my a******. Lick it clean you dumb b****. Youd hesitate and id pull hard choking you and pushing your mouth against my a******. I said lick it off b****. You'd like it all off slowly. Id then shove my d*** into your mouth making you gag. You would try to pull away but id be pulling you would choke. Id slide my d*** in and out of your mouth barely leting you breath. Id shove my d*** all the way down your throat and c**. Id hold my d*** there until i know you took all of my c**. Id slide it out and smack it against your cheek. Id say good little mutt. Id kick you and let go of your leash. Id leave you alone for a while. Id eat something then id put my plate on the floor. Id say get your ass over here dumb b****. Id watch you look at the plate then id day lick it clean. You would just look at it. Id hit you, and push your face against the plate. Id slap your ass hard and tell you to go lay down. Id grab a toy and say do you want this? Come here b****. Youd crawl over to me and id say lay down. Id walk around to your p**** and sit down. Id say do you want your toy? Id then shove a finger into your p**** and say do you? Id tease your p**** with my finger as i lick your a******. Id spit onto it. Id then put your toy in your mouth and make you chew on it. Id slide my thumb in your ass and shove my d*** into your p****. Id slap your b*** with my other hand. Id squeeze your asscheek as i slide my thumb in and out. Once my d*** is all the way in, i move my waist back and forth. Id push in hard and make your ass shake. Id shove my thumb all the way in. Id pinch your nipple and pull as hard as i can. Id keep slaming my d*** into your p**** making you whine. You would still be chewing on the toy but id pull it out of your mouth. Id say this needsto be somewhere else. Id press it against your a******. Id say like here, id shove it in an inch or so. You would scream and id push your head down. Id say shut the f*** up mutt and keep slaming my d*** in and out. Id move quicker as i slide the toy in more. Id pull your hair hard and make you look up. Id shove the toy in all the way and leave it there. Id say i can feel the toy in your a******. Id slam hard and hold my d*** there. Id c** deep in your p****. Id hold it there then pee into your p****. Id slide my d*** out and stand up. Id pull you over to my c*** and make you clean it off. Once youre done id look at the mess on the floor. Id slap your face and say look what you did you dumb b****. Id push you down hard. Id go into my bedroom and shut the door.

May 25, 2012

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