Sometimes I j*** off into my roommates socks

A couple of months back it was a really hot day and my roommate came back home and told me how uncomfortable it was outside in the heat, she then took off her jumper, leaving it on the couch, and then her shoes and socks, leaving them on the floor. She then got up after a few minutes and went to change from her jeans into her shorts.
When she came back into the room, she remained barefoot and didn't touch any of the stuff she'd taken off. She just read a book and watched some TV. I have a foot fetish so I just got a good look at her feet too while watching TV on and off. After around 3 hours, she got up to go to bed but left everything where it was. I was sure that everyone was asleep and I wouldn't be disturbed so I went over and sniffer her discarded socks. That made me a little h****. Then I got an idea. I quickly tied up the room, arranging things and neatly folding her jumper on the couch. I then carefully arranged her shoes against the wall and went up to my room, taking her worn socks with me, leaving behind a perfectly clean room.
I jerked off into one of them while sniffing the other, occasionally putting the part where toes had been into my mouth. It felt really good when I came into her sock. Now, I knew I wouldn't be able to return it without risking being caught so my fantasy of her wearing the socks after I had done that was never going to come true so I just decided to throw them out and hope that she'd never notice.

Since then, I've taken three other pairs of socks from her. Usually when she's taking them for laundry and they're in her basket which is left by the machine. I can't do it too often or she'll notice, but it really is the best self-pleasure there is.

May 25, 2012

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  • I used my college roommates dirty clothes as my c** rag for 2 years. He never found out. I used every thing he had. One time I even came up the sleeve of his leather jacket.

  • That's f*****

  • I was in a somewhat similar situation. You don't have to toss them out every time you do it, just put them back in the basket and let her clean your mess. She will not have a clue unless you make a big mess.

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