F*** off please and thank you

Dear old friend,
F*** you. We were friends for over four years and it was amazing except for those damn little things that got to me somehow. Here they are: you acted like your life was a piece of s*** and i told you all the h*** i went through as a kid and you told me the "h***" you went through, what was your problems? GUYS (that you knew for a f****** month) and mine?; Divorce, anger, suicidal thoughts, my dad trying to kill himself, my dad getting drunk everyday, my dad making himself so sick he almost died and ended up in the hospital, my old step dad pushing my mom on the ground, chocking her, getting drunk and yelling at her..AND YOU CANT F****** HANDLE A LITTLE FIGHT WITH YOUR SISTER WITHOUT ACTING LIKE YOUR LIFE IS S***!!! And you would try to talk to me about your problems and it was all about guys and i never gave a flying f*** so i just nodded. You always poked fun at me for looking "like a little kid", funny nobody else thought that and sorry i don't wear 5 inches of eyeliner everyday you f****** raccoon, and if i ever poked fun of ANYTHING about you just to see how you would handle it you would go b**** and moan about me on Facebook for sympathy, and so much more s***. After all those years of bullshit i turned to other friends and started hanging out with you less and less and you hated it. You got mad at me one day i denied hanging out with you again, you said i spent too much time with other people and not enough with you, and yet you NEVER stopped to think why. I got sick of it and just ended our friendship and i could never be happier, and then..i started getting into drugs, smoking, drinking, hanging out with the bad kids and you took that as an opportunity to start s***, and act like you knew everything because we used to be friends, after the drugs i went to the counselor and we "worked it out". The only reason i did that is so you would stop throwing me bitchy looks and starting rumors and causing bullshit, but you thought this meant friendship again, no. Then one day my friend moved and it honestly sucked. You slowly started trying to talk to me again but I've got news for you; just because she moved doesn't mean i want you back, so stay away from me, i don't want you. Ever again. I have my new friends now and life is much better for me, and you're not going to try and lure me back in by saying since i left you went through depression and quit talking to your parents, that's your own damn problem honey. Thank the good lord for my new friends and get on with your life!


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  • Good for you, since your life is better now I encourage you to help out your friends if they have a friend like yours.

  • YES! Good luck with your new life, and keep the other so-called friends away. You don't need them to bring you down anymore than they already have.


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