Cousin Fantasy

I know people probably post something like this a lot, but I want to have s** with my 21 year old cousin. I'm 28. I've thought about her younger sister too who is 16. Am I crazy?

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  • My wife had s** with her cousin when they were preteen. She is now 50 and can't stop fantasizing about it. It turns me so on!

  • Sounds like to me on your cousin honestly if you trust her and you both respect each other next time you are alone and she gets flirty make the first move sounds like to me she is waiting on your approval and consetial attraction. Just go slow bc even when we want something really bad there is still fear of judgement from others so your bond and pact is the only thing holding it together. Trust and respect. Once she knows she can trust you 100% with this not much you probably won't explore with her. It's like safe exploring friend with some love touches in it. If you are willing to earn her trust she will let you explore every inch of her. And not to make that less important but after you get cousin to trust you and you are both comfortable you can probably have her help you with your sister honestly just be open and honest with your cousin about everything. And your sister more likely to explore with her before you and after they chat it up for awhile she might be able to convince your sister to join in and start slow before you know it you might get to do it all not to mention idea of a safe and comfortable relationship with both is a win win and depending on how comfortable they get you will get to watch and join a threesome with people that will never tell a soul and your secret will be all three of your bonds

  • I'm still glad I came clean with my cousin even if nothing ever happens bc I hate. It taking chances I will regret. She knows exactly what I want and think and b**** in her court. We have great cousin friendship and still talk regularly but I told her I'd let her process my fantasies about her and hopefully she will atleast let curiousity take a spin. My sister on other hand maybe when I was younger but not anymore and that's not worth the time.

  • Now your sister you might freak out and idk your friendship with your cousin but you know them better than we do but def not weird or uncommon. A lot of people judge bc your brave enough to admit it. If you decide to make it known to them take baby steps and test the waters slowly until you get a good feel for how they may react. Some people will get defensive only bc they think they are supposed to. If they take time and hear you out you might be surprised by how understanding they are and might just get to explore your fantasies to life. But even if they understand doesn't mean they are game. Respect very important and a must. You might also experience them not say much and need time to process it. And anything like this requires complete trust and respect so who know after you earn that you might be surprised what they do

  • Idk that your crazy and don't worry about it bc not my sister but my mom and cousin I have a deep sense of that for. Have for long time. I recently told my cousin bc I'm grown and knew I could trust her she took it really well and was not judgmental but my mother on other hand I haven't tried bc it started along time ago caught her masturbating and watched her get off she never knew I was there so wish I would have said something back then

  • Idek! But my cousins weird. She talks dirty and doesnt care if I accidentally or sometimes on purpose touch her leg up past her thigh, she just continues like normal, And she's always dirty with me. I don't wanna try anything in case she tells someone tho. I think I'll let HER make the first move. If she doesn't then I'll just keep jerking off over her and pretending to c** everywhere on her.

  • There is really nothing wrong with it. I have fantasies about my cousin too. I don't think acting on her would be a good idea unless she expresses interest in you first. Just keep the thoughts as fantasy and masturbation.

  • I have touched my sisters friends b**** while she was asleep but am afraid that if try to squeeze or suck them she will know and wake up ........... any thoughts...

  • suck the nipples--they love that. maybe she will wake up, but she might pretend she's not awake--because they love their t*** to be suked. What's the wurst that can happen?? ur a lucky guy to have the chance

  • I've wanted to have s** with my cousin since we were 14 together and playing blind man's buff. I never got to, and I regret it. So does she. Do you think your cousin wants you? What are the vibes? but please don't even try to do her sister--she's too young, especially for you. Stick to your own kind.

  • Hi I f*** baby girls

  • no fk baby girls too

  • i have touched my cousins freinds b**** while she was asleep but i am afraid that if try to squeeze and suck them she might wake up............... Any thoughts ???

  • Thank you Carrie. By the way, what do you look like? Are you like hot?

  • nuh, you are not crazy. having naughty thoughts doesn't make a person bad... actions do. catch my drift?

  • Good luck to you to decide your future interactions.


  • The 16 year old off limits but technically speaking if the older one is consensual it's just two adults having consensual s**. I recently told my 32 year old cousin I've had thoughts about her since we were little and we just talked it all out. Open and honest communication is amazing. We didn't take it any further than talk but even that made me feel better bc if it wasn't for fear of judgement she felt same way. I think it's more common than you think. Bc your close enough to pick on each other but know you have each others back if anything happens. Sounds like how every childhood crush ever started.

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