Cousin Fantasy

I know people probably post something like this a lot, but I want to have s** with my 21 year old cousin. I'm 28. I've thought about her younger sister too who is 16. Am I crazy?

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  • Idek! But my cousins weird. She talks dirty and doesnt care if I accidentally or sometimes on purpose touch her leg up past her thigh, she just continues like normal, And she's always dirty with me. I don't wanna try anything in case she tells someone tho. I think I'll let HER make the first move. If she doesn't then I'll just keep jerking off over her and pretending to c** everywhere on her.

  • There is really nothing wrong with it. I have fantasies about my cousin too. I don't think acting on her would be a good idea unless she expresses interest in you first. Just keep the thoughts as fantasy and masturbation.

  • I have touched my sisters friends b**** while she was asleep but am afraid that if try to squeeze or suck them she will know and wake up ........... any thoughts...

  • suck the nipples--they love that. maybe she will wake up, but she might pretend she's not awake--because they love their t*** to be suked. What's the wurst that can happen?? ur a lucky guy to have the chance

  • I've wanted to have s** with my cousin since we were 14 together and playing blind man's buff. I never got to, and I regret it. So does she. Do you think your cousin wants you? What are the vibes? but please don't even try to do her sister--she's too young, especially for you. Stick to your own kind.

  • Hi I f*** baby girls

  • no fk baby girls too

  • i have touched my cousins freinds b**** while she was asleep but i am afraid that if try to squeeze and suck them she might wake up............... Any thoughts ???

  • Thank you Carrie. By the way, what do you look like? Are you like hot?

  • nuh, you are not crazy. having naughty thoughts doesn't make a person bad... actions do. catch my drift?

  • Good luck to you to decide your future interactions.


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