Jacked Up My Husband's S***

Caught my husband in bed with a skanky s*** today. Went a little crazy and beat the s*** out of my husband. I'm bigger than him and he's a lil b****. S*** ran out of the house and raced off in her s***** car.

Found out where the b**** lived. Went there. Knocked on the door. She answered and I smashed her in the face. She went down, knocked her ass out. Kicked her in the ribs, said f*** you b****, and left. Fixed her skanky ass. Payback on a b****. Felt so damn good jacking up that s***.

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  • If u had cared 4 ur husband he wouldnt hav gon after this s*** mostly ur fault apologise 2 them both

  • Why are people making excuses for the s***??

  • Grow up f*** she's prob a better f*** than u

  • You tell me this. Why is it probably 90% of the time it's the man that goes after another girl ? Very seldom do you hear where a girl goes after a guy to fu ck her it's the other way around and it seem you all are blaming the girl for the guys mistake.
    Last month I met this guy at a club, we danced several times and he ended up taking me to his place and he had s** with me and he wasn't all that bad either. Then I found out he was married and his wife was away for three days and he wanted me to stay with him and I left immediately telling him I wasn't going to be the cause for breaking their marriage up and for the past three months I think he is stalking me for I see him everywhere I go.

  • Give me a f****** break, some girl told me she loved me, we f***** for 3 months and it was the best s** I have ever had, turns out she is married,

  • I wish you did the same with your husband

  • Good job!

  • Oh I wish I would have been there to see that let you turn me on kicking her ass I'm throbbing right now you should have made her go down on you you can make it go down on me too is she still around

  • If she's a prostitute, you shouldn't have done that.

  • You must have been in a rage to behave so but realize that there might be legal consequences to your assaulting anyone. Try to get control of yourself and move on with your life before you end up in prison or worse. Take care now.

  • Nice!

  • You beat his ass? such a turn on my e was a martial arts expert and we used to have great wrestling matches always ended up with my fat 9 inches buried in her

  • This turns me on. I want to have violent s** with you!

  • ( ?° ?? ?°)

  • Lol

  • You could've ended up in jail. If it was a man beating his cheating wife, everyone would be furious. But because it was a man being physically assaulted, you get accolades. I hope she doesn't report you to the police, because she might be the one who gets revenge on you instead of the other way around.

  • The husband is a cheat, nobody knows what lies he said to get the other woman in bed, if you didn't know her it is possible he lied to her about you. She could have been just as much of a victim of his lies as you are a victim of his cheating. Instead of beating on her you should have spoken with her (after things calmed down), and got her side.

  • Ok, how come when a woman sleeps around there are all of these people cheering her on, but here when a man cheats, everybody spits on him for it?

  • Because they (the people who think women can but men can't) are self-righteous pigs.

  • This is why men should never be in a relationship with a woman who is more of a man than you are.

  • I love it! If my husband ever screws around on me, I'm going to follow your example.

  • You'll just go to jail.

  • You did a good thing. If more people were proactive like you there'd be less s******* around.

  • Too bad cheating isn't illegal, but assult is. Honestly, If I saw this, I'd be calling the police, and if they took to long, I'd take care of the b**** that beat her up myself.

  • This is the best comment responding to this post, and the author is exactly right.

  • Wow, everyone look she didn't have to do that. Seriously you can get your revenge and kill someone and go to jail. Damn humanity truly is an atrocity

  • Yeah Baby Girl! Way to handle your business. Next time they talk to each other they can compare ass-kicking stories.

  • Nice

  • U seen "Norbit"? You seem to me like his fat wife. No offense.

  • I think you should go back and give that skankass tramp another beat down. Go get her!

  • Yeah she beat my mom so bad .. she was too bruised for me to have s** with ... Ive got blue b**** .. Thanks for nothin

  • the b**** totaly had it coming

  • Because last I checked, cheating isn't illegal, but assult is.

  • Yeah, well, legally, she was in the clear, but not the b**** that wrote this post. If I knew her address and contact details, I'd be calling the police on her right now.

  • I'm a guy, and I think you're just incredible. Will you marry me? Please? :)

  • I love the way you handled this situation, really LOVE it. I wish I'd had the b**** to do that to my husband --- AND THE NASTY DISEASED W**** THAT WRECKED MY FAMILY --- but I played the role of peacemaker and hated every second of it. I still hate that I did that. And I still hate them both, and would still love to do what you did to both of them, particularly that filthy piece of s*** that my husband cheated on me with and then had the nerve to marry. She was trash, she still is trash, and she'll always always always be trash. I wish my husband could see that, but more so, I wish my children could see it, and know what that b**** really is, underneath her miserable skin.

    Whew............sorry I went off there. I really didn't intend to make this reply about me: I meant for it to be about you. Really, what you did was AMAAAAAAZING, and you are my hero! You f****** GO, girl!

  • I hope your (what I assume is) ex husband realizes that she's just going to cheat on him. That's how a girl like that works.

  • shouldn't have wasted your energy...makes nothing better but worse actually.

  • ignore this remark here..... you made things much better and you know it........and we all know it.

  • No, should ignore you. Because all I know is if I saw this, I'd either call the police, or beat the b**** up that assulted the other girl myself.

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