Its been 3 years now.. im 13 years old. when i was 10 i was raped by my brothers friend who was 14 at the time. i lost my virginity lost all my self esteem___ he apoligized a year later.. but i still cant help but cry myself to sleep some nights.. knowing i cant give my virginity away to someone i really love because it was taken away from me. everytime i try to tell the guys i date i was rape they only get the part of " oh s*** h had s** at 10 " " u is nasty ". they dont get that i didnt i was forced thats 2 different things. now ive been dating this dude . he understands tho i havent told him i was raped yet. i only told him i lost my virginity and im sorry i couldnt give it to him. i feel so horrible sometimes wonder why or wht i did to deserve that.


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  • Rape is wrong but I must say I would love a willing 10 yr old

  • You should go to the police.

  • Your virginity isnt something that can be taken. your a virgin untill you willingly have s**, you no longer have a hymen. i know what thats like...i was sexually abused for a year by my cousin when i was 11. it really f**** everything up. it made me hate myself, and i started cutting tried to kill myself....thats been years ago. Now im soon to be 20. things do get better eventually, it just takes a long time, it would be best if you talked to someone about what happened if you feel comfortable doing so, it helps so much.
    my incident happened 8 years ago, but ive only started to heal within the last 10 months or so, because i finally talked about it. if someone loves you, they wont care about your past, they will accept you and love you.

  • If a guy loves u he would never leave u for that

  • dont worry about no guy that actually loves u should care

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