Teen stressed out by society and p**** size

I'm only 16 but I have a small p**** for people my age I'd say. Is it true that many women are extremely shallow about size or is this some kind of f***** up myth? My own mother remarks on this and wonders why I haven't "grown" and tells me that "size does matter". She's unknowingly discouraging me. Her and other people in society are not helping my depression or helping my confidence in ever having sexual relations with a girl. I need some reassurance or something.

May 29, 2012

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  • Whatever people say size is all important girls will laugh when we see smal c***

  • Dude size don't matter much but to girls who want a ride don't date them because they will get you down, get someone who really cares for you like the guy said above don't let your mom get you down and I'm preeeetty young but I know life is harsh and I have had few experiences and good friends because I'm just 12.

  • Your mom looks at your d***?? No offense, but that's a little messed up.

    Marry a virgin, and be grateful she doesn't know any better about how you size up against others.

  • Are u joking a virgin lik loking for elephants teeth

  • size doesnt matter. To some girls it does, but if a girl really did care about you. She wouldnt care about your p**** size. Just when it comes to s** your gonna have to be real good with your fingers. Dont worry, dont let your mom get you down either

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