I want to have s** with my mother in law and sister in law

I NEED HELP AND ADVICE!!!!!!!! I AM THROUGH WITH FANTASIZING AND ************ JUST THINKING ABOUT HAVE S** WITH MY MOTHER IN LAW AND SISTER IN LAW I want to have s** with both my mother in law and sister in law so bad it driving me crazy (Separately of course, and if possible in a *********). I am willing to do anything to get this done. AND IF I HAVE TO ILL WILL BLACKMAIL THE BOTH THEM PLEASE HELP ME I AM OPEN TO ALL SUGGESTION

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  • I always knew this would happen to you henry.

  • dude, f*** these dumb ass people and their stupid ass comments... 1st of all, u obviously aint happy with the wife, so f*** her, go for it.... im in love with my MIL, she is my love, my passion, i do everything from thinking of her when f****** my wife, to sneaking in her house when shes at work and dressing in her clothes and giving myself oral s**.... i want that woman, no matter which way i can have her

  • I have the same fantasies but that's where it should stay fantasies !!!

  • you may please send them to me i will try to teach there.

  • Dude what the f*ck is wrong with you!

  • Get a consular.
    You need some help.
    Having these "wantings" is NOT okay!
    And when you think of it, think of your wife.
    Her love.
    Her care.
    Her smell.
    Her smile.
    Her laugh.
    And most importantly.
    Her and your lives together.

  • That's so f****** hot! You could have a harem and an inexhaustible supply of hot to trot poontang! Awesome, my Man!

  • ......

  • To the first d*******, that's a dumb f****** comment and you're an a******. As for you the this dude that wants to s*** his mother in law and sister in law, well you're not the first but lets face it, it won't go down well with your wife. My advice, think about it get wound up then give your wife a massage/cudddle/kiss and s*** her ass off.

  • F*** that. I'm going for it!

  • Get both together and tie them up than rape both. tell them if they dont let you whenever you want you will rape the young girls in the family have a young girl there with you and make them agree .

  • Comment is interesting!! lol

  • Does your wife know she married a total idiot?

  • Is that your face or did your neck throw up?

  • Try asking.

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