Raped at 14

When i was 14 my friend had some boys over. i had never kissed anyone before and i knew i was ready to. i went upstairs w him and we started to makeout. he tried lifting up my shirt but i told him to stop. he didnt and eventually it got to the point where he was on top of me, holding my mouth, and forcing me to have s**. im 17 now and i cant really move on until i get some closure. do i have any fault in this since i went upstairs with him? should i tell my family, my friends, or my boyfriend? and also am i weak for not calling the police?

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  • Don't let anyone sugar coat the truth and tell you that you were not responsable in anyway for what happen to you, for that would only be an insult to you, implaying that you're nothing more then an ignorat child not knowing right from wrong or what you were getting yourself into, I mean it's not like your a little child who can't comprehend or phathom the certain outcome of making out.
    I mean your a young woman and I'm sure you've heard the talk and stories of other girls like friends, relatives, etc of what kissing could possibly lead to or I'm sure someone had to have given you the talk on sexual matters, and if not somebody isn't being a very responsable parent or gardian, anyway the fact is that you were some what responsable for what happen to you but only for allowing yourself to be put into that situation, a situation that could've been avoided if you had used your better judgment.
    The guy who raped you was totally and fully responsable for what he did the sexual acts he forced on you, and to that you had no responablity what so ever and you can not be blamed or held accoutable for that, Yes it would help the healing process to talk about this to you family, friends and boyfriend it's not good to keep this bottled up inside of you and it would be a good idea to make a police complaint and no your not weak for not reporting to the police you may have been scared but thats understanable.

    Best Wishes To You!

  • It is absolutely not your fault. People like to rationalize and make excuses so they feel better about their behavior, but the truth is he and he alone is responsible for his actions. My father in law has been a parole officer for several decades and it is normal for this type of thing to be reported to the police several years after it happens. Most of the time the victim is to young to really understand what has happened, and how long the effects will haunt them.

    It is your decision on reporting it or not, but I would certainly look for a good therapist that you can trust.

  • Its ur fault why did u go with him. If u provoce a guy oviously he will f*** u. Now just live ur life soon or later u ld be f***** by some random guy as u can go with any guy to make out so it doesnt make any difference if it happened b4 or it gonna happen later. At 14 years u were not a baby u were old enough to think what might happen. If u think this is fault of that guy then u r wrong bcoz its ur too.

  • Don't take advice from people who can't spell. You were a child who was raped. Go to the cops and make his ass pay.


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