Photo Shop My D*** Into Girl's Pics!

I love taking girl's face pics and photo shopping my d*** in! I try to make it look as real as possible and I think I do and ok Job! It turns me on and then I m********* to the pics I have created!

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  • L3T M3 GU355... YOU U53 M5 PAINT :?

  • wtf you talking about? ABC 123 to you to!

  • I take pictures of my hard c*** every single day! I really am the biggest pervert you will ever come across, there really is nothing I won't do to prove how much of a pervert I am!

  • OMG you really are a complete pervert aren't you!!! But whatever, as long as your happy and no one gets hurt

  • Thank you very f****** much. Yes, I am totally happy and pleased as punch with myself. If you don't like it, kiss my cookies!

  • I didn't ask! I don't care what you think! You and your cookies can go F*** yourself!

  • I can't seem to post any new confessions because no matter what I do it always says the verification code is wrong. So I guess I will just confess here.

    I am a 31yr old guy and I am Bisexual! I love crossdressing! I love dressing up and masturbating. I lay on my back, put my legs against the wall and let my c*** hang over my face while I m********* until my s**** splats all over my own face and in my mouth! I just love it so much!

    I have videos of myself doing this on and

    I am "cumonchristina" on crossdressertube

    I am "christinacumslut" on

    Feel free to look me up!

    I honestly do not care who knows!

    I will have more confessions up soon..

    Thanks for reading!

  • i know what the f*** i cant confess or comment i can only reply thet f***** it up when they changed it

  • I wish these girls knew how much of a pervert I am! They are girls that I know and talk to all the time! I wish they could see me m*********!

  • Oh, baby! You're making my nipples so hard and my p**** so wet! I can just picture you with your hard p**** in your hand with precum dripping out. Hmmm. So yummy!

    - Janice

  • How about I j*** off in your face and you get all the precum and then you get all the c**!?!

  • Oh I got lot's of yummy precum for you! Where do you want it?


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