I didn't know who the father of my baby

I didn't know who the father of my baby was when I was pregnant with her, so I lied to everyone and told them it was who I hoped it was. I didn't know what else to do

Well, it turned out I was wrong.

Now I have to tell them ALL the truth.

They are going to hate me.

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  • well then don't go around sleeping with other guys.

  • it happens more than you think.

  • White boyfriend, Black baby = Confession!!

  • damn, there's some f****** whores out there. there's gotta be about 20 differnt people with a similar problem just on this site. STOP BEING WHORES

  • There's really nothing to judge, it is what it is and you just have to let them know that you were wrong.


  • well... it's better that the truth is out there. i wish you the best of luck, it'll be hard for sure.
    those who are real friends and your family will not judge you and support you.

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