Secret s** on the side

After knowing each other for over 10 yrs one of my wifes best friends (she was in our wedding and my wife was in hers) came to me 2 mos ago and told me that her husband had stoppd having s** with her over 1 yr ago and she told me "so its time for you to step up to the f****** plate big boy and f****** take care of my needs". at 1st i told her no cuz i didnt thikn there was anyway we could keep it quiet but she said she wasnt gonna go out and start f****** strangers and she wasnt going to take no for an answer from me and she didnt and she kept after me. we celebrated our 1 month anniversary last night by going out to dinner with our spouses and then sneaking out of our houses after midnight and f****** in the car even tho we normaly go to a motel but we didtn have time last night. she just wants it for the s** and she has told me that a lot and doesnt want it to be anymore than that. the problem is that im totaly totaly falling in love with her. i mean the s** is unbelievably great but i also want all of her and i dont even want to f*** my wife anymore and i dont want this woman f****** anybody else cuz shes too good to share. i love her totaly.

Jun 9, 2012

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  • Your horrible grammar and sentence structure, gives away the fact that you are a bored uneducated teen and not a married adult having an affair.

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