I want a g*******

I've always wanted to be g********* by loads of men against my will. But I am scared I won't enjoy it?! Has anyone had this experience and also, where do I find a group of men willing to do this?! Any suggestions welcome.

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  • I have taken my wife to s** clubs to be g*** b***** 7 times so far (we have done a lot of other things leading up to this). If done in a controlled setting like a club then there's little chance of it getting out of control (the club doesn't want trouble but love fun girls). I am there to enjoy watching my wife's show and to make certain everything goes according to what she and I agreed to prior, like the men must use condoms. 6 of the 7 times we went, there were about 50 men plus me there and my wife. 1 time it was dead and was no fun.

    What normally happens is first I take her to the front of the room and strip her while a ton of men watch. Then I wave the men to come get her and they lunge forward and in a second all I see is a sea of hands all over my wife's naked body, feeling, groping, prodding, fingering. There is my wife at the center of a crowd of men, 2-3 deep and a line of men forms. (they all look so pathetic all l****** after my wife but having to take turns like school boys lol)

    After a bit either she bends over or she sits down. She s**** them, they j* on her, and gr*** her, and they f*** her, all taking turns 6-7 a time.

    The men are a lot more controlled than you would think, only a few being too pushy. I only had to step in and confront a guy 2 times so far.

    When my wife is done I stop the men from playing with her and we leave. We get home and then we play.

    Its a lot of fun.

  • Join a swinger group.

  • I live in Detroit I want to be gangnang by slight force. I can't find it here. I am mixed black white Mexican and indian. 5'4 tall green eyes big butt big breast and I am married. I like a*** s** my fantasy is to be dp'd.

  • Hi sexy

  • I want it too though. I wanna feel like I'm being used. I don't wanna think about focusing on their pleasure but just taking pleasure from it. That make sense? I don't want to literally be hurt. but just finding two good looking and cool guys is close hard

  • I want 10 black guys with big c**** to g******* me. I'm a blond with nice t*** and want muscular black men who crave a blond.

  • I can make that happen in a safe controlled environment. Great that you like that. I'll watch this thread for your reply.

  • Hey

  • Hey blondie. How about 3 black men? I love white t*** . To suck and t** f*** you.

  • Can five girls g******* one guy? If so, I need to know ASAP because I love.

  • Forget them. Suck my lollipop.

  • Well you can come to my candyshop, I'll let you lick the lollipop. Go head girl don't you stop. Also, I have five hispanic brothers.

  • you should really do what Anonymous said... Think you will be fine!


  • Try it with two guys first you will get the idea of what it feels like to get f*** for a long period of time. Remember if its to many guys you may be put in a position you don't wanna be in. But try two guys first and work up to more!

  • Holiday beaches with groups of men can be a good place to find men to g******* you. I once g********* a girl together with four other guys. It can be quite hard for the girl, after we were done with her, she was completely finished. And I don't think she'll do it ever again.
    You will probably be degraded, treated very rough and some things might hurt a little bit

  • Thats what I w*** though!

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