When Hubby's Away I'm At Play ... On A S** Cam

My husband never gives me enough spending money. I need more than the measly $500 a week he gives me. I'm a high maintenance girl. My husbands makes plenty of money and could easily give me a thousand a week or more for shopping and whatever.

Because my stingy hubby wouldn't give me more money, even after I shut him off in the bedroom, I got a work at home job. Now while hubby's at work, I make plenty of money too and have fun working as a s** cam girl.

Some people would judge me for sexing myself in front of pervs, but I don't care what the judgmental prudes think.

Besides, I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist and I enjoy stripping on the cam in front of my clients and giving them a show, toys included. And there's nothing wrong with that. I'm making people happy. What could be better than that?

Hubby doesn't know about my new job, hee, hee. He'd have a hissy fit if he did, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him, lol.

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  • Ha ha. Your the Perv! And mental

  • Whats wrong with that?? B****..! If there is nothing wrong tell your real name and post your address b****.. F****** w****

  • You spoiled little s****. A measily $500 a week? most people would be happy having that a month, you sound like someone who never worked a day in her life. Get a real job you spoiled f****** w****. I hope your husband finds out what you are doing. A worthless piece of meat and s*** like you can easily be replaced.

  • yeah right?? measley 500 a week what the f***??? people would kill their own mother for that, i hope one of her web cam clients finds out where she is a brutally violates this greedy b****!!!!!

  • *applause* It's difficult when you're a natural born nympho-exhibitionist-bdsm lover... and a few years down the road you idiotically realize your husband is not. I'm happy to hear you found an outlet, continue parading afore the pervs. Pervs need love -err fap material too. I am woman and I'll mention I always close the live cam windows though lol! as I only favor tentacle monsters ;p

  • I go on those webcam sites where you tip ... I find a girl I like and w*** off before they go into private ... without tipping. Maybe I also f***** you like this :)

  • Personally i wouldn't give your nasty as a f****** cent. Go get a f****** job h****. I would spend money on a PI to watch you cheat then file for divorce. You can so easly replaced by a younger prettier woman. So shut the f*** up you spoiled little w****.

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