Fixed My Boyfriend's Ass

Just because I got a part time job as a stripper, my boyfriend broke up with me. WTF? All I do is take off my clothes and dance for appreciative customers. It's not like I'm a prostitute or doing anything illegal.

What p***** me off the most is my boyfriend watches p*** all the time and now he's acting like he's got all sorts of morals just because I got a high paying job showing a little skin.

I think he was jealous that I'm hot enough and got a hot enough body to make more money than him with. He works in a retail store and makes s*** for money.

After I couldn't get Mr. holier than me to see reason about my job, he told me to "get the f*** out of his life!" B******!

I got out of his life alright, but not before seducing and sleeping with all his friends. Boy was he p*****. Serves him right, a******!

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  • Lol

  • You're a hoe

  • F***** W****

  • You slept with all of his friends? Way to be the w**** everyone thinks strippers are anyway. The fact is, no matter how hot you are a lot of guys don't want to date a w****. A guy may like looking at whores, like in p***, but no guy wants to really have a relationship with one of those pretty pieces of trash.

  • You go girl!!!! I love your wildness ;)

  • that's awesome!! he sounds so two faced, i hate people like that. anyway good for you

  • Girl, u should be ashamed of urself. doesnt matter if ur a stripper or prostitute, same s*** since both jobs are like s** for money. And dont say ur not doing sexual acts cuz what u do is get guys hard which is the same for p*** except ur live.

    Do u really think u can get a decent guy if ur a striper?

  • I think what you did was FAN-F******-TASTIC!!!! You got a great job, you got great money, you got great revenge on the boyfriend, and you got laid multiple times, all at once. And now he'll have to live with the knowledge that he HAD a great girlfriend, and an incredibly sexy and HOT girlfriend, and he let her slip away. He could have had it all, and he let it go.

    Don't worry about these fools here: you're the winner, and you'll always be a winner, because of your attitude. You'll soon meet somebody at the club (if you have't already met him) who will treat you with respect and admiration, and who will love you, and who will realize that he got unbelievably lucky the day he met you. And all while your ex is just sitting around....eating s***.

    You go, girl!

  • You must have a stinky p****.

  • If you two really love each other,maybe you will sacrifice sth valuable for him or he will,just calm down

  • wow not only that but you f***** his friends all the more reason he shouldn't be with you in the first place

  • Please don't get another boyfriend. Just be true to your nature and just be a play-thing. Because you lack the grace, heart, femininity, beauty, soul, and goodness to make a good partner or spouse.

    Sadly all you're good for is to be a play-thing to degenerates and drunk fools. You make be making money for it but you're sold out your self respect. I think your boyfriend is the real winner and I see his life improving dramatically. Ironically, thanks to you.

    So if I was your boyfriend I would probably be writing you a "Thank You" letter.

  • You Know What? He did the right thing...

  • I agree.

    You're right about not being a prostitute, you didn't get anything from sleeping with his friends (except for revenge), but you sure are up there with the s*** of the year contenders.

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